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  • KARCHER Floor Scrubbers & Scrubber Driers

    Kärcher has always been characterised by ingenuity and innovative thinking. The company was founded in 1935 by the inventor Alfred Kärcher, who began manufacturing and marketing his pioneering product ideas in the field of heating technology. The cornerstone of developing into the world’s leading cleaning specialist was laid in 1950 with the invention of Europe’s first hot water high-pressure cleaner. When Alfred Kärcher died in 1959, his wife Irene continued her husband’s life’s work until her own death in 1989. Kärcher has remained a family-owned company to this day. Get cleaning and automative equipment from Top Karcher Distributor in UAE-AABtools


    KARCHER 1.783-220.0 - BR 30/4 C Scrubber Drier
      KARCHER - BR 30/4 C Scrubber Drier Model # 1.783-220.0

    • High-speed roller brush. Ten times higher contact pressure than manual cleaning.
    • Dries immediately. The soft suction lips remove moisture – backwards and forwards.
    • Suction can be switched off. Suction can be switched off via the foot pedal.
    KARCHER 1.291-243.0 - 43/150 C Single Disc Machine Scrubber
      KARCHER - 43/150 C Single Disc Machine Scrubber Model # 1.291-243.0

    • Powerful motor. Extremely robust and durable design.
    • Made from hard-wearing metal gear wheels.
    • Convenient and easy handling. Excellent balance and quiet operation.
    KARCHER 1.291-141.0 - 50/1500 C BDP Scrubber
      KARCHER - 50/1500 C BDP Scrubber Model # 1.291-141.0

    • The guard ensures that polishing dust stays under the machine.
    • Automatic contact pressure.
    • High polishing speed. 1,500 rpm for perfect polishing results.
    KARCHER 1.783-311.0 - BR 40/10C Scrubber Drier
      KARCHER - BR 40/10C Scrubber Drier Model # 1.783-311.0

    • Two high-speed rotating roller brushes with high contact pressure.
    • Low clearance height. Reaches under furniture effortlessly.
    • Ease of servicing.
    KARCHER 1.515-401.0 - BD 43/35 C Scrubber Drier
      KARCHER - BD 43/35 C Scrubber Drier Model # 1.515-401.0

    • Designed for daily use. Robust, durable, reliable machine.
    • Self-explanatory symbols and clear control panel.
    • Extremely maneuverable machine.
    KARCHER 1.127-002.0 - , BD 50/60 C Scrubber Drier
      KARCHER - , BD 50/60 C Scrubber Drier Model # 1.127-002.0

    • Excellent price-performance ratio.
    • Extremely maneuverable.
    • Integrated disc brush head with 51-centimetre/20 inch brush.
    KARCHER 1.127-006.0 - BD 50/50 C Scrubber Drier
      KARCHER - BD 50/50 C Scrubber Drier Model # 1.127-006.0

    • The fold-out transport roll makes possible the convenient two-step method.
    • Self-explanatory symbols and clear control panel.
    • Excellent price-performance ratio.
    KARCHER 1.161-071.0 - BD 50/70 R Scrubber Drier
      KARCHER - BD 50/70 R Scrubber Drier Model # 1.161-071.0

    • Self-explanatory symbols and clear control panel.
    • Time saving: Can be fully charged in two hours, depending on the battery charger.
    • Extremely maneuverable machine.
    KARCHER 1.161-307.0 - B90 R Scrubber Drier
      KARCHER - B90 R Scrubber Drier Model # 1.161-307.0

    • The 90° steering system allows you to turn on the spot.
    • The basic functions are controlled with the EASY switch.
    • Large compartment for a large battery capacity.
    KARCHER 1.056-822.0 - FP303 Floor Polisher
      KARCHER - FP303 Floor Polisher Model # 1.056-822.0

    • The FP 303 high speed floor polisher contributes to perfect polishing results on floors such as parquet, laminate, stone, cork, linoleum or PVC.
    • After unlocking at the foot switch the device can be comfortably switched on and off by swiveling the handle.
    • With the suction function the polishing dust is vacuumed. It is also easy to reach into corners.

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