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  • KARCHER Carpet Cleaners

    Kärcher has always been characterised by ingenuity and innovative thinking. The company was founded in 1935 by the inventor Alfred Kärcher, who began manufacturing and marketing his pioneering product ideas in the field of heating technology. The cornerstone of developing into the world’s leading cleaning specialist was laid in 1950 with the invention of Europe’s first hot water high-pressure cleaner. When Alfred Kärcher died in 1959, his wife Irene continued her husband’s life’s work until her own death in 1989. Kärcher has remained a family-owned company to this day. Get cleaning and automative equipment from Top Karcher Distributor in UAE-AABtools


    KARCHER 1.004-052.0 - AB 84 Air Blower
      KARCHER - AB 84 Air Blower Model # 1.004-052.0

    • Robust, impact-proofed, plastic housing with integrated power cord storage.
    • In addition the AB 84 has a ergonomic foldable upright handle and large transport wheels.
    • Powerful radial fan and aerodynamic molded housing.
    KARCHER 1.008-057.0 - BRC 30/15 C Carpet Cleaner
      KARCHER - BRC 30/15 C Carpet Cleaner Model # 1.008-057.0

    • The BRC 30/15 C is ideal for cleaning carpets deep into the pile; suitable for small areas.
    • Roller brush assists with fiber-deep cleaning.
    • Floating roller brush for uniform cleaning performance.
    KARCHER 1.004-062.0 - AB20 EC Air Blower
      KARCHER - AB20 EC Air Blower Model # 1.004-062.0

    • Air blower AB 20 Ec developed for the accelerated drying of wet-cleaned textile areas.
    • The compact, lightweight and easy-to-transport machine makes possible up to 50 per cent faster drying times – cleaned carpets are ready for walking on again considerably quicker.
    • The dryer is also very quiet and can be used in noise-sensitive areas or during opening hours.
    KARCHER 1.042-509.0 - LBB 1060/36 BP Leaf Blower
      KARCHER - LBB 1060/36 BP Leaf Blower Model # 1.042-509.0

    • Our battery-powered LBB 1060/36 Bp backpack leaf blower is both the most powerful and quietest machine in its class.
    • Comfortable and ergonomic to wear on your back, the spring-loaded blower creates practically no vibration and allows you to work as long as you want without tiring.
    KARCHER 1.445-111.0 - LBL2 Cordless Leaf Blower (Battery Set)
      KARCHER - LBL2 Cordless Leaf Blower (Battery Set) Model # 1.445-111.0

    • It is perfectly balanced, ready to help you move leaves and dirt into easy-to-manage piles on your garden, driveway or decking.
    • It comes with a battery and charger so you can get straight to work.
    • This lightweight leaf blower has an ergonomic design that sits comfortably in your hand for convenient non-stop use.
    KARCHER 1.081-135.0 - SE 4001* AE Carpet Cleaner, 4/4L, 1400W, 210mbar
      KARCHER - SE 4001* AE Carpet Cleaner, 4/4L, 1400W, 210mbar Model # 1.081-135.0

    • The SE 4001 spray extraction cleaner thoroughly cleans textile surfaces.
    • This spray extraction machine cleans deep into the fibres and is suitable for allergy sufferers and households with pets.

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