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FLUKE Battery Analyzers

  FLUKE - Standard Battery Analyzer Probes Model # BTL10

  • Standard battery test probes for Fluke 500 Series Battery Analyzers.
  • The BLT10 test probe is a kelvin test probe with built in save button designed to make easy battery impedance measurements
  FLUKE - Intelligent Test Probe Set; w/Extenders (no temp sensor) Model # BTL20


The BTL20 has a built in LCD display; tri-light LED for pass/fail warning indication; voice count for battery ID and integrated save button.

  FLUKE - Intelligent Test Probe Set; w/Extenders & Temp Sensor Model # BTL21


BTL21 Intelligent Test Probes with long and short extenders; built-in LCD display and speaker for visual and audio feedback and integrated infrared temperature sensor for taking temperature measurements on the negative battery post with every test

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