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  • FISKARS Garden Shears

    Fiskars Group is a Finnish group company. The company has its roots in the village of Fiskars, where it was founded in 1649. The oldest business still operating in Finland the global headquarters are in the Arabianranta district of Helsinki. It is one of the oldest companies in the world.


    FISKARS 111160 - 9616 Cut and Hold Snip
      FISKARS - 9616 Cut and Hold Snip Model # 111160

    • The blades are made of stainless steel: durable and sharp, provide a clean and accurate cut.
    • The cut stalk remains clamped in scissors.
    • Designed for cutting various flowers, herbs and young shoots.
    FISKARS 111450 - 9645 Fingerloop Universal Snip
      FISKARS - 9645 Fingerloop Universal Snip Model # 111450

    • It is used for cutting such garden materials as plastic, tube, twine and so on.
    • The Fingerloop mechanism ensures that cutting is easy and sure.
    • These snips are made from Fiskars signature lightweight FiberComp making them extremely light and strong at the same time.
    FISKARS 111640 - Universal Convenience Cutter Small
      FISKARS - Universal Convenience Cutter Small Model # 111640

    • Three different grip positions can be applied from precision pruning.
    • The parallel handle movement helps to keep strain to minimum enabling gardeners to work longer pruning bushes, trees and more.
    • With non-stick PTFE coatings on the upper blade, pruning becomes near effortless with these handy specially designed pruners.
    FISKARS 111620 - Universal Convenience Cutter Medium
      FISKARS - Universal Convenience Cutter Medium Model # 111620

    • For fresh wood: Bypass cutting action
    • Scissor head: For precision cutting of green wood
    • Corrosion resistant, nonstick blade coating
    FISKARS 115360 - Universal Garden Cutter
      FISKARS - Universal Garden Cutter Model # 115360

    • It has a weight of only 870 grams, but offers the full performance.
    • It is best to fresh cut branches and twigs, which are not thicker than 32 millimeters.
    • The cutting head of this variant consists of two blades.
    FISKARS 110950 - Branch Saw
      FISKARS - Branch Saw Model # 110950

    • Efficient working through adjustable saw angle.
    • Easy assembly by screw cap.
    • Long service life of the sheet made from hardened steel.
    FISKARS 113680 - Servo-boosted Grass Shear
      FISKARS - Servo-boosted Grass Shear Model # 113680

    • Perfect cut by servo system cutting angle within 360° adjustable.
    • Gentle on the finger and armmuskulatur through ergonomic design.
    • Blades made from stainless steel. Grip made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic.
    FISKARS 114790 - New Hedge Shear
      FISKARS - New Hedge Shear Model # 114790

    • Fiskars PowerGear Hedge Shear HS72 is the perfect set of garden shears for hedge trimming and cutting.
    • With handles made from FiberComp to make them extremely lightweight and strong.
    • The tool is complemented by Fiskars PowerGear mechanism to make cutting 3 times easier compared to the standard mechanism.
    FISKARS 114750 - Power Lever Hedge Shear
      FISKARS - Power Lever Hedge Shear Model # 114750

    • Fiskars PowerLever Hedge Shear HS52 is a great solution for all your hedge trimming needs.
    • With handles made from FiberComp to make them extremely lightweight and strong,
    • Their efficacy is increased thanks to the Fiskars PowerLever mechanism which makes cutting 2,5 times easier when compared to the standard mechanism.
    FISKARS 114770 - Power Gear Hedge Shear
      FISKARS - Power Gear Hedge Shear Model # 114770

    • PowerGear Steel Hedge Shear HS92 is a great pair of garden shears for anyone keen on trimming hedges or hedge care in general.
    • Their handles are made from FiberComp to make them extremely lightweight and strong.
    • The blades made from extra hard.
    FISKARS 114730 - Power Lever Hedge Shear
      FISKARS - Power Lever Hedge Shear Model # 114730

    • These garden shears incorporate comfortable and sturdy handles of glass fibre.
    • Reinforced polypropylene (PPGF) while their wavy profiled hardened steel blades with friction reducing coating
    • Ideal for gripping and snipping through hedge branches.

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