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  • FISKARS Tree Loppers

    Fiskars Group is a Finnish group company. The company has its roots in the village of Fiskars, where it was founded in 1649. The oldest business still operating in Finland the global headquarters are in the Arabianranta district of Helsinki. It is one of the oldest companies in the world.


    FISKARS 112580 - Power Gear Anvil Lopper Large
      FISKARS - Power Gear Anvil Lopper Large Model # 112580

    • Fiskars PowerGearâ„¢ Anvil Lopper (L) L77 is a full sized lopper for the bigger cutting jobs.
    • The handles are made from FiberComp to make them extremely lightweight and strong.
    • The quality of the blade is further enhanced by a non stick PTFE coating on upper blade to reduce friction and make cutting and cleaning easier.
    FISKARS 112290 - New Hook Lopper Medium
      FISKARS - New Hook Lopper Medium Model # 112290

    • Fiskars PowerGear Bypass Lopper, Hook Head (M) L74 is a mid sized lopper for tree pruning and other heavier cutting tasks.
    • Its handles are made from FiberComp to make them extremely lightweight and strong.
    • The blades are made from extra hard.
    FISKARS 112200 - Power Gear Bypass Lopper
      FISKARS - Power Gear Bypass Lopper Model # 112200

    • PowerGear Bypass Lopper, Scissor Head (S) L72 is a small but handy lopping solution.
    • The patented PowerGear mechanism ensures that the cutting power of this hand tool is 3 times easier compared to standard mechanisms.
    • The blades made from extra hard.
    FISKARS 112170 - Anvil Gear Lopper
      FISKARS - Anvil Gear Lopper Model # 112170

    • The Anvil Gear Lopper the power gear range is perfect for powerful cut dry and hard wood.
    • The EaseCut technology increases the cutting power to the 2.5-fold.
    • The Blade this ANVIL model has a non-stick coating.

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