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  • EXPERT Torches

    Designed to meet the rigorous needs of the professional and starting mechanics.​ The Expert® line is designed to meet the rigorous needs of the professional and starting mechanics. Includes a variety of sockets, ratchets, wrenches, screwdrivers, hex keys, and storage.

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    EXPERT E201406 - USB Rechargeable Pen Light
      EXPERT - USB Rechargeable Pen Light Model # E201406

    • 6 high performance SMD LEDs + 1 tip LED.
    • Main lighting power: 45 lumens or 125 lux at 50 cm.
    • Tip lighting power: 3 lumens or 25 lux at 50 cm.
    EXPERT E201411 - 15W Cordless COB LED Spot Lamp
      EXPERT - 15W Cordless COB LED Spot Lamp Model # E201411

    • Two levels of lighting power:
      8W: 600 lumen or 350 lux at 1.0 m.
      15W: 1200 lumen or 600 lux at 1.0 m.
    • Operating time:
      8W: up to 7 hours.
      15W: up to 3.5 hours.
    • Supplied with mains adapter.
    EXPERT E201417 - Pencil Torch 40Lumen
      EXPERT - Pencil Torch 40Lumen Model # E201417

    • 40 lumens
    • 1W CREE LED
    • 2 hours autonomy IP 44
    EXPERT E201429 - Underbonnet Led Light Lamp
      EXPERT - Underbonnet Led Light Lamp Model # E201429

    • Rechargeable under bonnet lamp
    • 28 high power SMD LEDs
    • 2 power mode: Low / High
    EXPERT E201432 - Pen Light 120Lumen
      EXPERT - Pen Light 120Lumen Model # E201432

    • 1 high performance COB LEDs + 1 SMD torch LED
    • Main lighting power: 110 lumens / 50 lux at 1 m
    • Torch lighting power: 70 lumens / 35 lux at 1 m

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