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RIDGID / Underground Cable Locators

Underground Cable Locators

Catalog # 21893
  RIDGID - SR-20 SeekTech Utility Line Locator Upto 35 kHz
  • A lightweight yet rugged receiver that provides all the information needed for faster; more accurate locates.
  • Target line and guidance arrows quickly identify distortion.
  • Proximity signal and signal strength help work through difficult locates.

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Catalog # 44473
  RIDGID - SR-24 Line Locator w/ Bluetooth & GPS Upto 35 kHz
  • Precision utility locating instrument with GPS and Bluetooth® technology for easy integration with external data capture devices.
  • With omnidirectional antennas capture the complete signal field; making it easy to acquire the signal and trace its path.
  • The receiver displays the utility's position and direction on the display; providing an intuitive locating experience.

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Catalog # 30123
  RIDGID - SR-60 SeekTech Utility Line Locator Upto 490 kHz
  • Easy-to-use visual mapping display that allows you to locate utility lines and sondes/beacons with confidence.
  • Use with a SeeSnake┬« camera equipped with a sonde transmitter to locate the camera head during an inspection or use with a line transmitter to find buried utilities.

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Catalog # 21898
  RIDGID - ST-305 Line Transmitter 5W
  • Lets you energize metallic lines for tracing.
  • Lightweight and compact transmitter that delivers up to 5 watts of power.
  • Can transmit two frequencies simultaneously.
  • Audio feedback confirms a good circuit before beginning a trace.

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Catalog # 21903
  RIDGID - ST-510 Line Transmitter 10W
  • Lets yo energize metallic lines for tracing with a locator.
  • Ten Watts of fully variable power output.
  • LCD display provides instant visal feedback on line resistance and crrent flow.

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Catalog # 20973
  RIDGID - Inductive Signal Clamp
  • Allows users to apply a signal to a cable or pipe when direct connection is not possible.
  • Compatible with all RIDGID┬« transmitters.

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Catalog # 53068
  RIDGID - MR-10 Magnetic Locator

Quickly locate buried iron or steel objects such as Valve/Curb Boxes; Manhole Covers; Cast Iron Pipes; Steel Enclosures; Well Casings; Reinforced Septic Tanks; Survey Pins.

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