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Arc Welding Machines

Thunderbolt 225 XL
Model # Thunderbolt 225 XL
  MILLER - Transformer Type; AC Welder 225 Amps;
  • Unlike other economical stick machines on the market with their fixed amperage settings; the Thunderbolt® uses Miller’s Accu-Set™ amperage dial which gives infinite adjustment of amperage within the range of the machine.
  • The Thunderbolt comes equipped with a heavy duty electrode holder and the power cord with plug already attached.
  • Has Infinite Voltage Control in able to adjust output by as little as one-amp increments; to get the exact heat needed.

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Maxstar 150 S
Model # Maxstar 150 S
  MILLER - Portable Inverter 150 Amps
  • Miller's Multi Voltage Plug (MVP) allows you to connect to common 115 or 230 volt power receptacles without the use of any tools. Simply choose the plug that fits the receptacle and connect it to the power cord
  • Has a compact Design that allows for great portability; weighing in at less than 13.5 lbs and featuring a convenient shoulder strap that can be taken from location to location.
  • It has Adaptive Hot Start™ technology; no need to worry about the difficult-to-strike stick electrodes

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STI 160
Model # STI 160
  MILLER - Portable Inverter 160 Amps;
  • The Miller 160 STi mma/lift TIG is a light industrial inverter welder suitable for maintenance repair; farm and food industry applications
  • Runs rutile & basic welding rods up to 4.0 mm
  • Adjustable hot start: optimal start for all types of welding rods

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Blu-Thunder 403
Model # Blu-Thunder 403
  MILLER - Rectifier 400 Amps;
  • Has Industrial Running Gear; design for a variety of terrain. New rubber tires provide smooth and easy maneuverability
  • Superior performance arc control technology provides the operator with a smooth; low spatter class leading arc suitable for a wide variety of applications.
  • Quick Connect Weld Terminals provides simple and convenient & robust connection of weld cables.

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Gold Star 602

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