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  • FLUKE 1664FC DMS UK - FC Installation Tester w/insulation pre-test DMS/UK
      FLUKE - FC Installation Tester w/insulation pre-test DMS/UK Model # 1664FC DMS UK

    • Includes “Insulation Pre-test” that detects when appliances are connected to the system and stops the test
    • Runs seven installation tests automatically in one sequence with a single connection through Auto Test
    • Allows you to share test results in real time over your smartphone via Fluke Connect Measurements
    FLUKE 1664FC UK - Multifunction Installation Tester
      FLUKE - Multifunction Installation Tester Model # 1664FC UK

    • Autotest to test line/loop impedance; RCD trip current / trip time; insulation tests with a single connection and the press of a single button.
    • Additional high current loop mode.
    • Faster measurements compared to loop tests with non-trip mode for RCDs.
    FLUKE 1663 UK - Multifunction Installation Tester
      FLUKE - Multifunction Installation Tester Model # 1663 UK

    • Full featured tester for installation professionals
    • Tests to all local regulations and provides test results for complete documentation
    • Tests continuity at L-N, N-PE inputs
    • Tests smooth dc sensitive RCDs (Type B)
    • Tests earth resistance, voltage, and frequency
    • Offers multiple test voltages: 50 V, 100 V, 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V
    FLUKE 1662 UK - Installation Tester; W/Phase sequence
      FLUKE - Installation Tester; W/Phase sequence Model # 1662 UK


    The Fluke 1662 gives you Fluke reliability; simple operation and all the testing power you need for day-in; day-out installation testing.

    GAZELLE G9306 - RCD-ELCB Tester
      GAZELLE - RCD-ELCB Tester Model # G9306

    • Lock measurement
    • 1000-count LCD display of all measurement indicators
    • Lead sequence check with 3 LED indication lights
    GAZELLE G9307 - Multifunction Electrical Tester
      GAZELLE - Multifunction Electrical Tester Model # G9307

    • Over range indication, test lead connection alarm
    • TEST button for fast capture of measurement values
    • Backlight
    UNI-T UT526 - Electrical Tester
    FLUKE 110V-ADAPTER-KIT - 110V-Adapter Kit , FLUKE-6500-2 UK
      FLUKE - 110V-Adapter Kit , FLUKE-6500-2 UK Model # 110V-ADAPTER-KIT

    • Power a mains-powered PAT tester from a 230V supply
    • Permits testing on 110V appliances with a Fluke 6500-2
    • An excellent solution for a PAT testing in the construction industry
    FLUKE 166X-MTC-UK - Fluke 166X-Main test cord; UK
      FLUKE - Fluke 166X-Main test cord; UK Model # 166X-MTC-UK

    • Official Fluke 1660 Mains Lead
    • Works with the old Fluke 1650 Series
    FLUKE ES165X - Earth Spike Test Kit
      FLUKE - Earth Spike Test Kit Model # ES165X


    • 2 auxiliary earth probes
    • 3 test connection leads
    • Crocodile clips
    • Carry case
    • Test connection leads length: 20m, 10m, and 5m.

    FLUKE MTC77 - Mains Test Cord (CEE 7 7 Schuko)
      FLUKE - Mains Test Cord (CEE 7 7 Schuko) Model # MTC77

    • European style connector
    • Works with Fluke MFTs
    • High quality genuine Fluke lead
    FLUKE TL165X - Standard Test Lead Set (1650 S)
      FLUKE - Standard Test Lead Set (1650 S) Model # TL165X

    • Standard test lead set
    • 60 in. leads
    • For use with 1650 Series
    FLUKE TP165X - Remote Control Probe (1650 S)
      FLUKE - Remote Control Probe (1650 S) Model # TP165X

    • Slim probe with test button keeps your eyes on the panel while probing hard to reach points.
    FLUKE S-232 Cable-6500 - RS-232 Cable & Connector for Fluke 6500
      FLUKE - RS-232 Cable & Connector for Fluke 6500 Model # S-232 Cable-6500

    • RS232 9 PIN Serial Connection Data Cable
    • To download your test results to your computer, the Fluke 6500 PAT connects your Tester to your computer via the RS232 COM port.
    FLUKE ZERO ADAPTER - Zero adapter (165xB)
      FLUKE - Zero adapter (165xB) Model # ZERO ADAPTER


    The Fluke Zero Adapter for the 1650 Series of multi-function installation testers is for easy, always reliable and accurate compensation of test leads and mains cords.  This adaptor’s for all different kind of mains plugs as well as test accessories like probes, alligator clips etc.

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