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  • Drain & Sewage Inspection

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    RIDGID 14003 - SeeSnake Self-Levelling Color Reel Length: 325ft/100m
      RIDGID - SeeSnake Self-Levelling Color Reel Length: 325ft/100m Catalog # 14003

    • Closed dent free rust proof reel also avoids dirt getting out whiletransporting.
    • Counter to measure the distance you have pushed your camera into the line.
    • New next generation counter with high resolution, available spring 2008.
    RIDGID 14103 - Color Reel Length: 200ft/60m
      RIDGID - Color Reel Length: 200ft/60m Catalog # 14103

    • For inspecting 2 in. to 12 in. lines up to 325 ft.
    • Helps users to diagnose and locate problems in drain and sewer systems
    • 100% hardened stainless steel camera head spring assembly ensures optimum durability
    RIDGID 39333/CS10 - CS10 Digital Recording Monitor Color 12.1in
      RIDGID - CS10 Digital Recording Monitor Color 12.1in Catalog # 39333/CS10

    • Digital Recorder with Charger and Batteries
    • USB Stick – record digitally into a format that your customer can read on their computer
    • 12.1″ Daylight Readable Display – easily monitor and record inspections in bright outdoor environments
    RIDGID 48118 - SeeSnake Compact2 Camera System
      RIDGID - SeeSnake Compact2 Camera System Catalog # 48118

    • 25mm Self-leveling camera for a crisp, clear, in-pipe image that is always upright.
    • Compact, portable package for convenient transportation and storage.
    • Less effort to push out further from improved cable design and camera head.
    RIDGID 35148 - L100 MicroReel Inspection System 1.5-4in pipe – 100ft
      RIDGID - L100 MicroReel Inspection System 1.5-4in pipe – 100ft Catalog # 35148

    • For inspecting 1 1/2 in. to 4 or 5 in. lines up to 100 ft.
    • Push cable is stiff enough to enable line inspections up to 100 ft.
    • Small camera size allows users to maneuver through narrow lines
    RIDGID 33103 - D30 MicroDrain Inspection System 1-3in pipe -30ft
      RIDGID - D30 MicroDrain Inspection System 1-3in pipe -30ft Catalog # 33103

    • For inspecting 1 1/4 in. to 3 or 4 in. lines up to 65 ft.
    • Ideal for inspections with tight turns, including toilet traps and P-traps
    • Multi-monitor compatibility with SeeSnake monitors (requires optional interconnect cable) or micro CA-350 inspection camera
    RIDGID 40823 - N85S MicroReel Inspection System Kit
      RIDGID - N85S MicroReel Inspection System Kit Catalog # 40823

    • Small diameter and tight turn radius camera allows lines up to 85′ (25 m) to be inspected with tight turns in 1″ (25 mm) lines.
    • Lightweight and compact unit allows for easy transport and efficient storage.
    • Interchangeable drums let you change out the inner drum depending on the application.
    RIDGID 42353/RM200 - RM200 SeeSnake w/Transport Kit
      RIDGID - RM200 SeeSnake w/Transport Kit Catalog # 42353/RM200

    • Latching D2A drum with 200′ (61 m) push cable
    • Self-leveling camera keeps your view steady while you work
    • Multiple LED lights provide crystal-clear viewing so you can make confident judgments
    EXTECH HDV640W - HD VideoScope Kit w/Wireless Handset/Articu-Probe
    RIDGID 33108 - MicroDrain InterConnect Cable
      RIDGID - MicroDrain InterConnect Cable Catalog # 33108

    • Connects the SeeSnake display to the microDrain/ microReel inspection system
    • Provides true accessibility, increased efficiency, and reduced job time
    • Weighs 0.65 lbs. and is 6 in. long
    RIDGID 33113 - MicroReel InterConnect Cable
      RIDGID - MicroReel InterConnect Cable Catalog # 33113

    • For RIDGID CA-330 and CA-350 inspection camera monitor systems (sold separately)
    • Easy hookup
    RIDGID 57283 - Digital Recording Monitor
      RIDGID - Digital Recording Monitor Catalog # 57283

    • Wi-Fi connectivity allows users to stream and record inspections to a mobile device with the HQx Live app for iOS & Android
    • High contrast and large 12.1″ display provides crisp and clear image that is daylight readable
    • Powerful processor delivers quick start-up time and fast performance

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