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  • Temperature and Humidity Meters

    Shop our selection of Temperature and Humidity Meters from our retail outlets across dubai & UAE - AABTools


    FLUKE 971 - Temperature Humidity Meter
    EXTECH 401014 - Big Digit Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer
      EXTECH - Big Digit Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Model # 401014

    • Simultaneously displays indoor and outdoor temperatures
    • Big digit display can be easily seen from a distance
    • Includes wall bracket and 3 metre extension cable with waterproof outdoor sensor
    EXTECH RHT50 - Weather Datalogger
      EXTECH - Weather Datalogger Model # RHT50

    • Datalogs up to 10,000 readings with a user programmable sample rate
    • Selectable Atmospheric Pressure Units: psi, hPa, kPa, and bar
    • Selectable data sampling rate from 1 minute to 18 hours
    EXTECH 445580 - Humidity/Temperature Pen
      EXTECH - Humidity/Temperature Pen Model # 445580

    • Take this this handy humidity and temperature gauge on the go and rely on a long-lasting 3V lithium battery for maximum usage time.
    • This slim measuring tool will capture humidity readings from 10 to 90% RH and register temperatures from 14° to 122° (-10 degrees to 50°).
    EXTECH HT30 - Heat Stress WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temp.) Meter
    EXTECH RH200W - Multi-Channel Wireless Hygro-Thermometer
    EXTECH RH401 - Digital Psychrometer + InfraRed Thermometer
      EXTECH - Digital Psychrometer + InfraRed Thermometer Model # RH401

    • Triple display with backlighting
    • Displays Air temp+RH+surface temp or Dew Point+RH+surface temp or Wet Bulb+RH+surface temp
    • Built-in InfraRed Thermometer with laser pointer and 8:1 distance to target ratio
    EXTECH RH390 - Precision Psychrometer
      EXTECH - Precision Psychrometer Model # RH390

    • Dual backlit display
    • Simultaneous display of: Humidity/Temperature, Humidity/Dew Point or Humidity/Wet Bulb
    • Data Hold and Min/Max functions
    EXTECH 445703 - Big Digit Hygro Thermometer
    EXTECH 445713 - Big Digit Indoor/Outdoor Hygro-Thermometer
    EXTECH 445713-TP - Big Digit Indoor/Outdoor Hygro-ThermometerCompact Hygro-Thermometer with Remote Probe
    EXTECH 445814 - Hygro-Thermometer Humidity Alert w/Dew Point
    EXTECH 445815 - Hygro-Thermometer Humidity Alert with Dew Point
    EXTECH RH10 - Pocket Series Hygro-Thermometer
    EXTECH RH35 - Desktop Hygro-Thermometer Alert
      EXTECH - Desktop Hygro-Thermometer Alert Model # RH35

    • Large; easy-to-read LCD displays % Relative Humidity; Indoor Temperature and Dew Point
    • Humidity range: 10 to 99%RH
    • Temperature range: 14 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C)
    EXTECH RH300-CAL - Humidity Calibration Kit
    EXTECH RH490 - Precision Hygro-Thermometer
    EXTECH RH520A - Humidity+Temperature Chart Recorder with Detachable Probe
    RIDGID 37438 - HM-100 Temp. & Humidity Meter
      RIDGID - HM-100 Temp. & Humidity Meter Catalog # 37438

    • Easy & accurate measurements of air temperature & humidity
    • Dew point and wet-bulb calculation
    UNI-T UT333 - Thermo-Hygrometer; -10 to 60?
      UNI-T - Thermo-Hygrometer; -10 to 60? Model # UT333

    • Use to calibrate sensing module which reduces bias and increases accuracy
    FLUKE 971 - Temperature Humidity Meter
      FLUKE - Temperature Humidity Meter Model # 971

    • Temperature range from -20 to 60¡C (-4 to 140¡F); Relative humidity from 5 % to 95 %)
    • Dual measurements of temperature and humidity simultaneously
    • 99 record storage; quick-response sensor; temperature range of -20 to 60¡C and MIN/MAX/AVG
    EXTECH RH25 - Heat Index Psychrometer -4 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C)
    GAZELLE G9401 - Big Digit Temperature Humidity Meter
      GAZELLE - Big Digit Temperature Humidity Meter Model # G9401

    • Displays comfort rating based on the combination of temperature and humidity.
    • Hanging hole and stand are available for wall or table mount.
    GAZELLE G9405 - Mini Temperature Humidity Meter
      GAZELLE - Mini Temperature Humidity Meter Model # G9405

    • Temperature measurement range: -10~60°C/14~140°F
    • Humidity measurement range: 0~100%RH

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