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  • UNI-T Basic Multimeters

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    UNI-T UT120B - Pocket type Multimeter  4V – 600V
      UNI-T - Pocket type Multimeter 4V – 600V Model # UT120B

    • 4-digit display with 16 mm character height
    • Direct / alternating voltage 0 … 600 V
    UNI-T UT33C - Palm Sized Digital Multimeters 200mV-500V
      UNI-T - Palm Sized Digital Multimeters 200mV-500V Model # UT33C


    Measures AC/DC current and AC voltage; resistance; temperature; tests diodes and continuity

    UNI-T UT39C - Digital Multimeter  200mV; 1000V
      UNI-T - Digital Multimeter 200mV; 1000V Model # UT39C


    Measures AC/DC current and voltage; resistance; capacitance; frequency; temperature; and tests diodes; continuity and transistors

    UNI-T UT50B - Digital Multimeter 200mV-1000V
      UNI-T - Digital Multimeter 200mV-1000V Model # UT50B


    Measure AC/DC Voltage; AC/DC Current; Resistance; Capacitance; Temperature; Frequency; Diodes and Continuity; has Data Hold; Full Icon Display and Sleep Mode features.

    UNI-T UT139C - True RMS Digital Multimeter 2V – 600V
      UNI-T - True RMS Digital Multimeter 2V – 600V Model # UT139C

    • with the frequency converter VFD measurement function
    • combined with true RMS measurement; data storage; relative measurement; maximum / minimum; under pressure prompt
    UNI-T UT171C - Industrial True RMS Digital Mmultimeter
      UNI-T - Industrial True RMS Digital Mmultimeter Model # UT171C

    • 60000-count True RMS auto range multimeter
    • The programmable square wave output checks audio signals and OLED display with LCD backlight is available
    UNI-T UT61C - Digital Multimeter 600mV-1000V
    UNI-T UT61E - Digital Multimeter 600mV-1000V
      UNI-T - Digital Multimeter 600mV-1000V Model # UT61E

    • High-quality multifunction pocket digital multimeter
    • powered by a 9 V battery

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