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  • TESTO Moisture Meters

    Testo is world market leader in the field of portable and stationary measurement solutions. The measurement technology expert convinces over 650,000 worldwide customers with highly precise measuring instruments and innovative solutions for the measurement data management of tomorrow.


    TESTO 606-2 - Moisture meter for material moisture and relative humidity
      TESTO - Moisture meter for material moisture and relative humidity Model # 606-2

    • Ram electrodes guarantee precise moisture measurements in wood and building materials
    • Ideal for carrying out relative humidity and air temperature measurements to check storage and drying
    • Identifying and preventing problems using dew point and wet bulb calculations
    TESTO 606-1 - Moisture Meter
      TESTO - Moisture Meter Model # 606-1

    • Precise moisture measurements in wood / cement etc.
    • Characteristic curves for wood / building materials
    • Hold function: freezes the last reading for convenient use
    TESTO TST-635-2 - U-value promo set – thermohygrometer set
      TESTO - U-value promo set – thermohygrometer set Model # TST-635-2

    • Evaluate renovation measures quickly and flawlessly
    • Easy probe attachment, even in inaccessible places
    • Proof of service thanks to report creation

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