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    Field communicators monitor and track the status of devices in the field during the day-to-day plant operation. It is designed for the initial programming, as well as for the reprogramming of transmitters



    • Removes the need for specialized tools with power the loop functionality
    • Resolves field devices issues quickly using advanced diagnostics
    • Improves efficiency
    • Configures and tests valves inline
    • Inherently safe to use anywhere
    • Directly syncs field data with AMS Device Manager


    Who operates Field Communicators devices?

    • Maintenance technicians
    • Calibration engineers
    • Quality engineers


    Where is Field Communicators used?

    • Oil and gas
    • Waste treatment
    • Manufacturing plants
    • Water utility companies
    • Cooling companies
    • Calibration labs


    How to safely use Field Communicators device?

    • Be sure that connections are on the right polarity so avoid damaging the device


    AABTools is the largest distributor and supplier of Emerson field communicators. Shop now for Emerson field communicators online, or buy from our retail stores in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.