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  • FLUKE 2AC-90-1000V - ACV Detector 90-1000V; Flat-tip
      FLUKE - ACV Detector 90-1000V; Flat-tip Model # 2AC-90-1000V

    • Voltage detection from 90 to 1000 V AC, suitable for a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial needs
    • Always on, using special low power circuitry to sustain battery life and ensure your 2AC is always ready
    • Innovative ‘Battery Check’ button function ensures battery is in good condition*
    FLUKE LVD1 - Volt Light 40V AC – 300V
      FLUKE - Volt Light 40V AC – 300V Model # LVD1

    • Handy Fluke Volt Light compact LED flash-lights with built-in color responsive AC non-contact voltage detector
    • Integrated torch
    • Detects voltages from 40 V AC to 300 V AC.
    FLUKE LVD2 - Volt Light 90 to 600 V AC
      FLUKE - Volt Light 90 to 600 V AC Model # LVD2

    • Detects voltage from 90 to 600V AC
    • Non-contact AC voltage detector and LED flashlight includes dual sensitivity turning blue 1" to 5" for the source and red at the source.
    • Built-in torch; 100000 hour LED life and rated to CAT IV 600V AC
    FLUKE T90 - Voltage/Continuity tester
      FLUKE - Voltage/Continuity tester Model # T90

    • Audio on/off for testing in quiet areas.
    • Low battery indicator
    • Detects voltage even with discharged batteries
    FLUKE 1AC II - VoltAlert Pocket-sized Voltage Detector
      FLUKE - VoltAlert Pocket-sized Voltage Detector Model # 1AC II

    • Continuous self-test so you always know it’s working
    • Voltage detection range for wide application use – 90 V to 1000 V AC or 200 V to 1000 V AC
    • Audible/Silent mode for added convenience
    FLUKE 1AC II 5PK - Volt Alert 5Piece
      FLUKE - Volt Alert 5Piece Model # 1AC II 5PK

    • Voltbeat™ technology and continuous self-test – so you always know it’s working
    • Upon detection, tip glows and beeper sounds
    • CAT IV 1000 V for added protection
    EXTECH DV25 - Dual-Range AC Voltage Detector with Flashlight
      EXTECH - Dual-Range AC Voltage Detector with Flashlight Model # DV25

    • Two AC voltage ranges when working with weak electrical circuits
    • Dual bandwidth compatibility (50/60 Hz) provided on both ranges
    • Equipped with flashlight, LED light indicator and audible alarm
    EXTECH DV40 - AC Voltage Detector + IR Thermometer
      EXTECH - AC Voltage Detector + IR Thermometer Model # DV40

    • Dual functionality – both a voltage detector and an infrared thermometer
    • AC voltage detection range from 50 to 1000V
    • Measure surface temperatures from -20 to 445°F (-30 to 230°C)
    EXTECH VT30 - LCD Multifunction Voltage Tester
      EXTECH - LCD Multifunction Voltage Tester Model # VT30

    • Polarity detection with LEDs for positive and negative DC
    • Continuity Test with audible tone
    • Phase rotation test for motors
    UNI-T UT18D - Multifunction Voltage Testers 12-690V
      UNI-T - Multifunction Voltage Testers 12-690V Model # UT18D

    • Auto Range
    • LCD Backlight
    • Date Hold
    UNI-T UT651B - Lamp Tester – 3000V test voltage
      UNI-T - Lamp Tester – 3000V test voltage Model # UT651B

    • Compatible with several lamp types
    • Telescopic antenna
    • Suitable for use in any application
    UNI-T UT12B - Non Contact AC Voltage Detector  -10°~ 50°C
      UNI-T - Non Contact AC Voltage Detector -10°~ 50°C Model # UT12B

    • Non-contact voltage detection
    • Audible and visual indicators
    • Also vibrates when voltages are detected
    GAZELLE G9301 - AC Voltage Detector
      GAZELLE - AC Voltage Detector Model # G9301


    G9301 series is a non-contact AC voltage detector. It is lightweight and convenient to carry due to its pocket size. The device can detect electricity when it is close in range of live adapters, connection terminals, or wires.

    EXTECH DV30 - Non-Contact Adjustable AC Voltage Detector
      EXTECH - Non-Contact Adjustable AC Voltage Detector Model # DV30

    • Non-Contact detection of AC Voltage from 12VAC to 600VAC
    • Sensitivity adjustment increases or reduces sensor trigger threshold
    • Audible and visible voltage indication

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