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  • Vibration Calibrators

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    PCE Instruments VC21 - Portable Shaker Vibration Calibrator 0-1280 Hz
      PCE Instruments - Portable Shaker Vibration Calibrator 0-1280 Hz Model # VC21

    • Suitable for calibrating equipment weighing up to 600 g (1.32 lb), this vibration calibrator generates mechanical vibrations with adjustable quartz-stabilized vibration frequencies between 15.92 and 1280 Hz and adjustable vibration amplitudes between 1 m/s² and 20 m/s².
    • The vibration calibrator has many versatile features for field and laboratory use, including a built-in rechargeable battery, battery-saving automatic power-off function, battery charge indicator and AC power adapter for charging.
    PCE Instruments VC20 - Vibration Meter Calibrator 159.15 Hz
      PCE Instruments - Vibration Meter Calibrator 159.15 Hz Model # VC20

    • For vibration acceleration, velocity, and displacement
    • Load-independent vibration magnitude
    • Display shows frequency, amplitude, error percentage (%), and date of the last calibration
    • Sounds an alert if the error limit exceeded
    • Designed for use in the laboratory as well as the field

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