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  • PCE Instruments PI 10 - AC/DC 600V Digital Multimeter
      PCE Instruments - AC/DC 600V Digital Multimeter Model # PI 10

    • The rotating field indicator PCE-PI 10 is used to determine the direction of rotation of 3-phase voltage networks is able to measure voltages up to 600V AC / DC.
    • The rotating field direction is important for machines and plants. If the phases are not connected correctly, damage to connected motors and pumps can occur, for example.
    • The rotating field indicator shows the direction of rotation on an LCD display and see whether a phase has been connected to the measuring lines or not.
    • The measuring cables of the rotating field indicator are equipped with crocodile clips so that the measuring device can be connected directly to cables or screw contacts.
    PCE Instruments OC 2 - Handheld True RMS Digital Multimeter
      PCE Instruments - Handheld True RMS Digital Multimeter Model # OC 2

    • The handheld digital multimeter is a versatile and universally applicable instrument, combined with an oscilloscope and a True RMS multimeter.
    • The bandwidth of the handheld oscilloscope multimeter can be up to 20 MHz. The digital multimeter was developed for practical and mobile use and is suitable for fault detection thanks to the versatile equipment.
    • The brightness of the LC display of the digital multimeter with a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels can be set in 2 levels and thus individually tailored to the user or location. Furthermore, the digital multimeter has an internal memory in which both up to 50 wave forms as well as measured values can be stored.

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