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  • PCE Instruments CBA 10 - Car Battery Tester 12V
      PCE Instruments - Car Battery Tester 12V Model # CBA 10

    • The voltage meter PCE-CBA 10 is a car battery tester and allows fast and easy testing of 12V voltage starting batteries. The voltmeter has various test modes to determine the condition of the car battery.
    • The LC display of the voltmeter guides the user intuitively through the settings and various modes of operation. The voltmeter is suitable for car batteries of the type DIN, KIS, IEC, EN, GB, SAE and MCA.
    • To test the battery, the voltmeter can measure, inter alia, the starting current to determine the capacity of the car battery in the range between 30 and 100 Ah.
    PCE Instruments CBA 20 - Car Battery Tester 12/24V
      PCE Instruments - Car Battery Tester 12/24V Model # CBA 20

    • The voltage measuring device tests 12 V and 24 V starter batteries. The voltage measuring device checks the condition of the car battery via the battery voltage in the charging cycle, when starting or when idling.
    • The voltage measuring device uses the battery voltage to determine whether the starter battery is still functional. The voltage measuring device also shows the status of the battery in% on the LC display and makes a recommendation as to whether the starter battery should be replaced if necessary.
    • During the battery test with the voltage measuring device during the starting process of the car, the voltage drop of the battery is measured by the test device. The voltage difference provides information about the condition of the 12V or 24 V battery.

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