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  • PCE Instruments TTC 30 - Thermocouple Calibrator 30V DC
      PCE Instruments - Thermocouple Calibrator 30V DC Model # TTC 30

    • The thermocouple calibrator PCE-TTC 30 can be used to simulate different thermocouples as well as mV. Thus, the thermocouple calibrator can be used for many thermometers and temperature displays with thermocouple connection.
    • The PCE-TTC 30 thermocouple calibrator simulates the most popular thermocouples, including K, T, S. The simulator for thermocouples has an accuracy of 0.3°C / 0.54°F, making it easy to accurately calibrate thermometers.
    • In addition to direct specification of temperatures or extra-low voltages up to 250 mV, the thermocouple calibrator can be operated in ramp mode. Here, the user can decide whether the ramp should be run indefinitely or at defined intervals.
    PCE Instruments RTD 20 - RTD Temperature Calibrator 24V DC / 24-mA
      PCE Instruments - RTD Temperature Calibrator 24V DC / 24-mA Model # RTD 20

    • The RTD calibrator PCE-RTD 20 is used to simulate resistors and resistance temperature sensors. Thus, the RTD calibrator is able to be used as a calibrator for temperature measuring devices.
    • In addition to the simulation of resistors, the RTD calibrator has a measuring function for voltage, current and resistance. Both functions work independently. Furthermore, both connections are galvanically separated from each other.
    • The RTD calibrator has many different characteristics for RTD sensors, so that a perfect calibration of thermometers of various kinds is possible. The RTD calibrator has an accuracy of 0.02% in all measurement ranges and measurement functions.

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