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  • PCE Instruments MCA 50 - Universal Multi-function Calibrator
      PCE Instruments - Universal Multi-function Calibrator Model # MCA 50

    • Universal calibrator with powerful battery / Transducer for simulation and measurement / Generation of increments / Extensive measurement and simulation functions
    • The digital multimeter PCE-MCA 50 is designed for calibration and maintenance. This unit enables the measurement and simulation of electrical quantities.
    • Due to the battery operation, the digital multimeter PCE-MCA 50 can be used in different locations. The calibrator performs measurement functions, voltage and current simulations, as well as a continuity test.
    PCE Instruments 123 - Network-independent Multifunction Calibrator
      PCE Instruments - Network-independent Multifunction Calibrator Model # 123

    • The PCE-123 is a network-independent multifunction calibrator used to test and calibrate a variety of parameters of controllers and measuring instruments.
    • Offering a high level of accuracy for an affordable price, this easy-to-use calibrator provides electrical (mA, mV, V and frequency in Hz) and temperature (in °C or °F) output signals, making the calibrator useful in a wide range of applications.
    • The calibrator also has automatic step and ramp functions as well as the possibility to pre-select the output signal steps (0 … 100 %) by using the arrow keys and to directly specify an output value (e. g. 13.8 mA). Operation via the keypad is very easy and intuitive.
    PCE Instruments 789 - Current Voltage Calibrator
      PCE Instruments - Current Voltage Calibrator Model # 789

    • The PCE-789 Voltage Calibrator is a versatile instrument for measuring and simulating process signals. The Voltage Calibrator measures and simulates current and voltage signals.
    • The curves of different types of thermocouples are stored on your computer, and because of this you can introduce and display the values in ° C. The main feature of this Voltage Calibrator is the integrated function generator.
    • Apart from the waveforms of sine, triangle, rectangle and cut sane, the Voltage Calibrator has saved inside other 10 sinusoidal waveforms. Using the software, which is included in the delivery, you can create specific waveforms and store them on the Voltage Calibrator. Furthermore, this Voltage Calibrator can give two overlapping frequencies.

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