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  • PCE Instruments LOC 20 - Loop Calibrator 30V DC
      PCE Instruments - Loop Calibrator 30V DC Model # LOC 20

    • The calibrator PCE-LOC 20 can be used to directly simulate process currents in current loop, mV and mA. This allows the calibrator to be used to set process displays, data loggers, paperless recorders, etc.
    • Thanks to the galvanically isolated connections, this calibrator can simultaneously serve as a source and as a measuring device. Here, it does not matter whether currents are measured and voltages are simulated, since the functions work completely independently of each other.
    • The calibrator PCE-LOC 20 has a high accuracy of 0.02% of the measured value in all operating modes. The calibrator is powered by a rechargeable battery that can be charged via a USB power adapter.
    PCE Instruments LOC 10 - Process Loop Calibrator 24V DC
      PCE Instruments - Process Loop Calibrator 24V DC Model # LOC 10

    • The process calibrator is used to simulate 0/4 … 20-mA signals. The process calibrator can be used to calibrate display devices, data loggers, process recorders etc.
    • The process calibrator can also be used to measure the process signal 0/4 … 20-mA to test sensors and transmitters. The process calibrator is able to simulate both active sensors (source) and passive sensors (sink).
    • The process value can be set directly using the buttons on the process calibrator. However, it is also possible for the process calibrator to run an automatic ramp.

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