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  • EXTECH Power Supplies

    Constant innovation, unique features and affordibility defines Extech testing and measuring instruments. With interest in 15 major product categories, we carry a large range of multimeters, clamp meters, indoor air quality , environmental meters for sounds, temperatue, humudity, airflow, water quality etc. Find the right Extech instrument to suit your testing and diagnostic applications including Maintenance, Environmental, HVACR, Electrical and Construction.


    EXTECH 382213 - Digital Triple Output DC Power Supply
      EXTECH - Digital Triple Output DC Power Supply Model # 382213

    • Adjustable Voltage and Current output
    • Easy snap terminals for fixed 5V/0.5A and 12V/1A outputs
    • Constant Voltage or Current
    EXTECH DCP60-220 - 600W Switching Power Supply (220V)
      EXTECH - 600W Switching Power Supply (220V) Model # DCP60-220

    • Designed for Laboratory use but excellent for bench technicians, engineers, and educational facilities
    • 60V/10A output
    • Maximum current can be limited to 5A using the auxiliary output on the front panel (10A main output is on the back panel)
    EXTECH DCP42 - 160W Switching Power Supply
      EXTECH - 160W Switching Power Supply Model # DCP42


    This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

    • At maximum current (10A), voltage is limited to 16V
    • At maximum voltage (42V), current is limited to 3.8A
    • Dual action rotary encoder control with push knob for fine and coarse tuning
    EXTECH 382270 - Quad Output DC Power Supply
      EXTECH - Quad Output DC Power Supply Model # 382270

    • Supply power to a wide range of products
    • Modifiable outputs
    • Power cords and banana to alligator test leads supplied

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