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    UNI-T UT523A Earth Ground Tester

    # UT523A

    UT523 Series Earth Resistance Soil Resistivity Tester is specially designed and manufactured for measuring earth resistance, soil resistivity, earth voltage, AC voltage. 

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    • UT523A


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    Specification  Range  Best Accuracy
     Model   UT523A
    Earth Resisitance(R) 0.00Ω~19.99Ω ±(2%+5)
    20.0Ω~199.9Ω ±(2%+5)
    200Ω~1999Ω ±(2%+5)
    2.00kΩ~19.99kΩ ±(2%+5)
    20.0kΩ~210.0kΩ ±(2%+5)
    Soil Resistivity(ρ) 0.00Ωm~99.99Ωm According to the precision of R(ρ=2πaR a:1 m~100m;π=3.141)
    AC Earth Voltage (V) AC 0.00~750V ±(2%+5)
    Test Frequency 128Hz/111Hz/105Hz/94Hz(AFC)
    Special Functions   
    Measuring Method Earth Resistance: rated current change-pole method, measurement current 20mA Max
    Soil Resistivity: 4-pole measurement (Wenner method)
    Earth Voltage: average rectification(between P(S)-ES)
    Short-circuit Test Current AC 30mA max
    Open-circuit Test Current AC 40V max
    Auto Range  
    Electrode Distance Range Can be set 1m~200m
    Test Voltage Wave Sine Wave
    Line Voltage below AC 750V 
     Low Battery Indication ≤7.5V
     Date Hold  
    Alarm Function  
    RS232 Interface  
    Withstanding Voltage  AC 3700V/rms (Between circuit and enclosure)
    LCD Backlight  
    Date Logging 300 Groups
    Auxiliary Earthing Test Can measure auxiliary earth resistance, 0.00KΩ-30kΩ(100R+rC<50kΩ, 100R+rP<50kΩ)
    Overload Protection Measuring earth resistance: between each interfaces of C(H)-E、P(S)-ES,AC 280V/3 seconds 
    Interference Test               Recognize interference signal automatically, &ldquo;NOISE&rdquo; icon display when interference voltage exceed 5V
    Measuring Times Over 5000 times (Short-circuit test, interval time should be at least 30 seconds)
    Insulation Resistance Over 20MΩ (between circuit and enclosure it is 500V)
    General Characteristics
    Power Supply DC 9V(Zi-Mn dry battery R14S 1.5V 6 PCS, continuous standby for 300 hours )
    LCD Size 128mm×75mm
    Product Color Red + Grey
    Product Net Weight 1443g(Included Batteries)
    Product Size 215mm×190mm×95mm
    Standard Accessaries Standard testing Wire,Simple testing line, Batteries, Software CD, RS232 Interface Cable

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