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  • PCE Instruments MFI 400 Material Flow Index Tester +400 °C

    # MFI 400

    • Large 7″ TFT touch display, Clear display
    • Heating temperature up to +400 °C
    • Pre-set materials
    • Robust metal housing
    • Various weights included
    • The Plastometer from PCE Instruments is used for fast testing of the melt mass flow rate of plastics. The plastometer is suitable for incoming inspection as well as for production monitoring. Due to the clear presentation of all relevant parameters on the display, the results of the melt index test can be displayed in a short time with the help of the plastometer. Plastometer application in the plastics industries.The automatic cutting function increases the reproducibility of the melt flow index test.
    • Stored standard plastics save the user of the plastometer configuration procedures. The stored plastics include Polystyrene (PS), Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE), ABS, Polycarbonate (PC), Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), POM, MABS, SAN, E/VAC, and others. In addition to the already integrated standard plastics, the test temperatures and test weights according to the standard (ISO 1133) are stored in the plastometer. Plastics with material-specific parameters that are not stored can be permanently added and saved in the plastometer as required.
    • The PCE-MFI 400 plastometer from PCE Instruments is therefore a suitable instrument for determining the melt mass flow rate for a wide range of thermoplastics. In this way, important parameters for subsequent production can be determined and adjusted prior to manufacture. In this way, the plastometer ensures sustainable quality improvements in the production process, reduces rejects, and thus contributes to a sustainable cost reduction.
    • Large 7″ TFT touch display
    • Clear display
    • Heating temperature up to +400 °C
    • Pre-set materials
    • Robust metal housing
    • Various weights included
    Measuring range
    Melting rate0.1 … 400.0 g / 10 min
    Temperature120 … 400°C / 248 … 752°F
    Measuring accuracy temperature± 0.2°C / 0.36°F
    Resolution0.1°C / 0.18°F
    Test load0.325 … 21.6 kg
    Test piston Ø9.48 mm
    Capillary Ø2,095 mm
    StandardsISO1133-1997, ASTM 1238-04C, GB / T3682-2000
    Type7″ LCD touch display
    Resolution800 x 480 pixels
    Color depth16,000 colors
    Dimensions (without test load)500 x 320 x 500 mm / 19.7 x 12.6 x 19.7 in
    Weight (without test load)About 15 kg / 33 lbs
    Power supply90 … 264V AC
    Power consumption (at full load)About 0.6 kVA
    • 1 x Material flow index tester PCE-MFI 400
    • 1 x Weight set 0.325 … 21.6 kg
    • 1 x Power cable
    • 1 x Funnel
    • 1 x Cleaning rod
    • 1 x User manual

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