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    FLUKE 721-1650 Dual Sensor Pressure Calibrator; 1.1 bar; 345 bar

    # 721-1650

    • Precision Pressure Calibrator with dual isolated sensors for gas custody transfer applications. Ranges: 16 psi (low) 5;000 psi (high).
    • Dual isolated pressure sensors
    • FLUKE
    • 721-1650
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    • Two isolated; stainless steel; pressure sensors with 0.025% f.s. accuracy Can be configured by selecting either a 16 psig (1.1 bar) or 36 psig (2.48 bar) low pressure sensor and then adding your choice of 7 high pressure ranges
    • External pressure module connection supports all pressure modules (29 ranges) for even more measurement capability
    • Temperature-compensation ensures accuracy in field applications
    • Pt100 RTD input for temperature measurement; accurate to 0.1¡C (0.2¡F) (Requires optional RTD probe sold separately)
    • Measure 4-20 mA signals
    • Internal 24 V Loop Power Supply can power a transmitter under test
    • Measure up to 30 V DC
    • Large graphic style LCD with backlight can be configured to display up to 3 inputs simultaneously (i.e. pressure 1; pressure 2; and RTD or any combination of inputs)
    • Pressure displayed in the user’s choice of 19 engineering units
    • Switch test on both pressure inputs; or external pressure module
    • Operating mode layers support simple measurements to complex applications
    • Up to five frequently used setups can be stored; last setup automatically recalled on power-up
    • Dual Sensor Pressure Calibrator, 16 PSIG, 5000 PSIG
    • Gentle carrying case
    • Four (4) AA batteries
    • Manual
    • Trackable calibration certificates
    • Cable testing

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