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    Fluke Process Instruments Thermalert Pyrometers Thermalert® 4.0 Series Pyrometer

    # Thermalert Pyrometers

    • Conforms to Industry 4.0 standards
    • Integrated laser sighting
    • Galvanic isolated outputs
    Fluke Process Instruments
    • Fluke Process Instruments
    • Thermalert Pyrometers
    • Conforms to Industry 4.0 standards
    • Integrated laser sighting
    • Galvanic isolated outputs
    • Plastic lens option for food application
    • Analog input for ambient compensation and adjusting emissivity setting
    • USB for easy setup
    • Simple, two-wire or digital installation
    • Backward compatibility to old Raytek® and Ircon® in class sensors and accessories
    • Fieldbus interface options: Ethernet, EtherNet / IP and PROFINET IO
    Model / Spectral ResponseTemperature RangeOptical ResolutionApplications
    8-14 µm
    -40 to 1000 ºC
    -40 to 1832 ºF
    up to 70:1
    Low temperature applications, such as thick plastics, asphalt, carpeting, coated paper, thermoforming,food;
    coke, coal, cement
    5 µm
    250 to 2250 ºC
    482 to 4082 ºF
    up to 70:1
    Glass surface temperature for bending, tempering, annealing and sealing
    7.9 µm
    300 to 900 ºC
    (572 to 1652 ºF)
    up to 70:1
    Ultra-thin drawn glass
    3.43 µm
    25 to 450 ºC
    (77 to 842 ºF)
    Extrusion and converting of thin films: polyethylene, polypropylene, and polystyrene
    7.9 µm
    10°C to 360°C
    50°F to 680°F
    Production and converting of films of polyester (PET), fluoroplastic, Teflon®, acrylic, nylon (polyamide)
    3.9 µm
    200°C to 2250°C
    392°F to 4082°F
    up to 70:1
    Furnace refractory, flame hardening and brazing
    2.2 µm
    500°C to 2000°C
    932°F to 3632°F
    Ferrous and nonferrous metals, induction heating, furnaces, laboratory research
    1 µm
    500°C to 2300°C
    932°F to 4172°F
    Semiconductor, metals forging, molten glass
    1.6 µm
    250°C to 1400°C
    482°F to 2552°F
    Non ferrous and unoxidized metals, galvanizing lines and steel annealing
    2.3 µm
    100°C to 600°C
    212°F to 1112°F
    Rolling mills, wire coating and annealing, laser welding, plastic tubing extensions

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