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  • FLUKE Indoor Air Quality Meters

    Established in 1948, Fluke Corporation is a global leading manufacturer of industrial testing equipment including electronic test equipment. Fluke is distinguished by its innovation, precision, portability, rigid standards of quality, ease of use, and safety incorporated in every tool.

    Fluke prides itself on its growing portfolio which includes hand-held Digital Multimeters, Power Quality Tools, Scope MetersElectrical Testers, Indoor Air Quality Meters, Process and Calibration Tools, Thermal Imaging Cameras, and Temperature Measurement Equipment. As the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment, Fluke empowers manufacturing and service industries with critical testing and troubleshooting capabilities. Get your trusted Fluke tools and accessories from AABTools – the largest authorized distributor in the UAE.


    FLUKE 975 - AirMeter
      FLUKE - AirMeter Model # 975

    • One-touch air flow and velocity with available probe*
    • Wet bulb and dew point temperature
    • % of outside air calculation
    FLUKE 975V - AirMeter with Velocity
      FLUKE - AirMeter with Velocity Model # 975V

    • CO2; CO; temperature; humidity; air velocity; MIN/MAX/AVG; backlight; alarms; datalogging with software/USB
    • Optimize HVAC ventilation settings for ASHRAE 62 recommendations
    • Includes Air Velocity Probe
    FLUKE 975VP - Air Velocity Probe
      FLUKE - Air Velocity Probe Model # 975VP

    • The Fluke 975 AirMeter combines four air monitoring tools into one rugged and easy-to-use handheld tool.
    • Use the Fluke 975 to verify efficient operation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and test for dangerous carbon monoxide leaks in all types of buildings.
    • Simultaneously measures, logs, and displays temperature, humidity, CO2, and CO on a bright, backlit LCD display
    FLUKE 985 - 6 Channel Indoor Air Quality Particle Counter; 0.1 cfm Flow Rate
      FLUKE - 6 Channel Indoor Air Quality Particle Counter; 0.1 cfm Flow Rate Model # 985

    • Preferred choice for HVAC and IAQ professionals.
    • Portable solution for determining airborne particle concentrations.
    • Pre-screen indoor air quality and confidently work with IAQ specialists
    FLUKE CO-205 - Aspirator Kit
      FLUKE - Aspirator Kit Model # CO-205



    • Stainless steel sampling tube
    • Industrial-grade hand operated aspirator to draw flue sample
    • Easy to replace particulate filter
    FLUKE CO-220 - Carbon Monoxide Meter
      FLUKE - Carbon Monoxide Meter Model # CO-220

    • Displays CO levels up to 1000 ppm; features a MAX hold function
    • Operates as a stand alone device with an accuracy of +/- 3%
    • Automatic sensor zeroing and self-test sequence upon start-up
    FLUKE PT12 - Pitot Tube; 12
      FLUKE - Pitot Tube; 12 Model # PT12

    • Pressure sensitive to aid in measurement and data gathering
    • 12 in.
    • For use with Model 922
    FLUKE RLD2 - HVAC/R Leak Detector Flashlight
      FLUKE - HVAC/R Leak Detector Flashlight Model # RLD2

    • Uncovers refrigerant leaks instantly
    • With 100;000 hours of life; and four operating modes; this versatile leak detector is a must have for HVAC Technicians.

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