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  • Shaft Alignment Tools

    Shop our selection of Shaft Alignment Tools from our retail outlets across Dubai & UAE - AABTools


    FLUKE 835 - Laser Belt Alignment Tool, Green Laser, upto 10m, with Reflector
      FLUKE - Laser Belt Alignment Tool, Green Laser, upto 10m, with Reflector Model # 835

    • Time-saving pulley alignment method requires no cross-check
    • Shows offset, vertical, and horizontal angles simultaneously
    • Live corrections validate when precision alignment is achieved
    FLUKE 831 - Laser Shaft Alignment Tool
      FLUKE - Laser Shaft Alignment Tool Model # 831

    • Fast, easy, and precise alignment that adapts to your needs
    • Rugged build and the highest-in-class IP rating
    • Single-laser technology for the fastest, most accurate laser alignment
    FLUKE 830-Magnet - Magnetic Bracket
      FLUKE - Magnetic Bracket Model # 830-Magnet

    • Optional accessory for the Fluke-830.
    • Compact magnetic sensor and prism mounting bracket set.
    • For use with Model 830
    FLUKE 830-Shims - Laser Alignment Tool – Shims
      FLUKE - Laser Alignment Tool – Shims Model # 830-Shims

    • Corrects vertical misalignment. Optional accessory for the Fluke-830
    • Precision alignment shim kit that corrects vertical misalignment.

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