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  • Cases and Holsters

    Shop our selection of Cases and Holsters from our retail outlets across Dubai & UAE - AABTools


    FLUKE 1750-CASE - Hard Case (Fluke 1750)
    FLUKE C10 - Meter Holster
      FLUKE - Meter Holster Model # C10


    FLUKE C100 - Hard Meter and Accessory Case
    FLUKE C101 - Hard Case
      FLUKE - Hard Case Model # C101


    FLUKE C115 - Soft Meter Case
    FLUKE C116 - Soft Meter Case
    FLUKE C120 - Hard Case (43B/120 S)
    FLUKE C120B - Soft carrying case for 120B series
    FLUKE C125 - Soft Meter Case
    FLUKE C12A - Soft Meter Case
    FLUKE C150 - Zippered Soft Carrying Case
    FLUKE C1600 - Meter and Accessory Case
      FLUKE - Meter and Accessory Case Model # C1600

    • Snap open compartment on top of lid for easy access to small parts such as fuses; batteries; probes and leads.
    • Includes five hook and loop straps to wrap cords and test leads when not in use.
    • Can be locked.
    • Large carry handle for comfortable hauling.
    FLUKE C1620 - Carrying Case
    FLUKE C1740 - Softcase for 174X and 43X-II PQ analyzer
    FLUKE C190 - Hard Case (190 S)
    FLUKE C195 - Soft Case
      FLUKE - Soft Case Model # C195

    FLUKE C20 - Hard Meter Case
    FLUKE C23 - Soft Meter Case
    FLUKE C25 - Large Soft Meter Case
      FLUKE - Large Soft Meter Case Model # C25

    • Compatible with Fluke 114; 115; 116; 117; 175; 177; 179; 1503; 1507; 1577; 1587; 9040; 9062 and more
    • Padding and inside pocket
    • High quality Fluke soft case
    FLUKE C280 - Soft Meter Case
    FLUKE C33 - Soft Meter Case
    FLUKE C345 - Soft Case
      FLUKE - Soft Case Model # C345


    FLUKE C35 - Soft Meter Case
    FLUKE C43 - Soft Meter Case
    FLUKE C437-II - Hard case 430 S II with rollers
    FLUKE C50 - Soft Meter Case
    FLUKE C510 - Leather Meter Case
    FLUKE C520A - Leather Tester Case
    FLUKE C550 - Tool Bag
      FLUKE - Tool Bag Model # C550


    FLUKE C75 - Soft Accessory Case
    FLUKE C781 - Soft Meter Case
    FLUKE C789 - Soft Meter Case
    FLUKE C800 - Hard Meter and Accessory Case
    FLUKE C90 - Soft Meter Case
      FLUKE - Soft Meter Case Model # C90


    Zippered carrying case with inside pocket and belt loop.

    FLUKE CS1750 - Soft Case (Fluke 1750/1760)
    FLUKE CXT1000 - Extreme Hard case
      FLUKE - Extreme Hard case Model # CXT1000

    • Innovative features for unmatched strength and durability
    • Offers maximum protection for your Fluke tools and accessories against high impact, vibration or shock
    FLUKE CXT170 - Rugged Pelican Hard Case
    FLUKE CXT280 - Rugged Pelican Hard Case
    FLUKE CXT80 - Rugged Pelican Hard Case
    FLUKE H15 - Belt Holster for T100 S
    FLUKE H3 - Holster (330 S)
      FLUKE - Holster (330 S) Model # H3


    FLUKE H5 - Electrical Tester Holster (Fluke T5)
    FLUKE H6 - Infrared Thermometer Holster (Fluke 63/65/68/561)
    FLUKE H80M - Holster + Magnetic Hanger
    FLUKE PACK30 - Professional Tool Backpack
      FLUKE - Professional Tool Backpack Model # PACK30

    • Over 30 pockets in six main storage compartments
    • Rugged, waterproof bottom base protects tools, keeping the backpack upright for easy access to tools

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