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  • UNI-T Test Leads Probes and Clips

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    UNI-T UT-C07 - Multipurpose Probe clip
    UNI-T UT-L69A - Earth Bond Test Leads L: 40M
    UNI-T UT-T02 - Temperature Probe K-Type
    UNI-T UT-T03 - Temperature Probe for liquids
    UNI-T UT-L09 - Probe Extension Wire
    UNI-T UT-L07 - Measuring Probe Set
      UNI-T - Measuring Probe Set Model # UT-L07

    • Length: 1000mm, Probe length: 5mm+12mm
    • Temperature condition: -15°C~40°C
    • Features and application: Double insulated, lantern probes, removable probe protector, general type probles, all multimeters and clamps measuring with

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