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  • Radio Detection Underground Cable Locators

    Founded in 1977, Radiodetection is headquartered in Bristol, UK, with worldwide sales, service and support achieved through a network of sales channels across the globe. Our product range includes tools for damage prevention to buried services; powerful video systems for pipeline inspection; high-performance dehydrators and cable-test products for telecoms; and our solid-state sensors business.


    Radio Detection 10/CAT/GEN2U - Radiodetection Soft Bag for CAT4 and SuperCat units
      Radio Detection - Radiodetection Soft Bag for CAT4 and SuperCat units Model # 10/CAT/GEN2U

    • Canvas carry bag for the Radiodetection Cable Avoidance Tool (C.A.T) and Genny/Transmitter range.
    Radio Detection 10/TX10 - Tx-10 Transmitter
      Radio Detection - Tx-10 Transmitter Model # 10/TX10

    • 90V output capability: All transmitters offer both 30V and 90V output options, resulting in higher signal current delivered on high impedance target lines than typical transmitters that only offer a 50V output.
    • Higher signal levels are more locatable, and travel over longer distances.
    • SideStepauto™: allows the transmitter to calculate the optimum frequency based on ground impedance.
    Radio Detection 10/81PDL - Precision Pipe And Cable Locator Receiver W/ Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery & Soft Carrying Case
      Radio Detection - Precision Pipe And Cable Locator Receiver W/ Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery & Soft Carrying Case Model # 10/81PDL

    • Current Direction (CD) A powerful tool that helps operators pick out their target line from others nearby.
    • Automatic usage logging with GPS positioning.
    • Combine accuracy with speed – Peak+ mode.
    Radio Detection 10/LOCATORBAG - Soft Bag for RD units
      Radio Detection - Soft Bag for RD units Model # 10/LOCATORBAG

    • Universal soft bag designed to carry all locators, alongside a transmitter and accessories.
    • Large paint holders on the outside carry even large ‘tallboy’ cans.
    • Reflective chevrons reduce the risk of accidental damage.
    Radio Detection 10/TX1 - TX-1 SIGNAL TRANSMITTER (1 WATT)
      Radio Detection - TX-1 SIGNAL TRANSMITTER (1 WATT) Model # 10/TX1

    • iLOC remote control – an advanced Bluetooth link between the RD8100 locator and transmitter.
    • Automatic impedance matching – Transmit your locate signal as far as possible by automatically matching the transmitter impedance to that of your target cable.
    • 90V maximum output
    Radio Detection 10/71PL - Precision Cable & Pipe Locator Receiver
      Radio Detection - Precision Cable & Pipe Locator Receiver Model # 10/71PL

    • Light weight – at only 4.2lbs / 1.9kg or 5lbs / 2.3Kg, for marker models the RD7000+ range is comfortable to use for extended periods.
    • IP54 protection rating – can operate in almost any environment
    • High contrast backlit LCD screens on both transmitter and locator allow use in any light conditions.
    Radio Detection 10/GENNY4EN - GENNY 4 SIGNAL GENERATOR
      Radio Detection - GENNY 4 SIGNAL GENERATOR Model # 10/GENNY4EN

    • Generation of standard 33kHz signal output.
    • Small Diameter Locate function for location of telecoms and street lighting.
    • Adjustable Signal Boost for location at greater distances and depths.
    Radio Detection RD8100 - Precision Locator
      Radio Detection - Precision Locator Model # RD8100

    • Quickly follow lines with Guidance Mode
    • Customize the locator to your network frequencies
    • Use Power Filters™ to pinpoint and discriminate between power cables
    Radio Detection RD7100 - Precision Locator Set
      Radio Detection - Precision Locator Set Model # RD7100

    • Guidance Mode allows you to quickly follow utility paths
    • Automatic usage-logging with GPS positioning
    • Li-Ion rechargeable battery options
    Radio Detection 10/CAT4+EN31 - Radiodetection 10/CAT4+EN31 Cable Avoidance Tool
      Radio Detection - Radiodetection 10/CAT4+EN31 Cable Avoidance Tool Model # 10/CAT4+EN31

    • Avoidance Mode for rapid surveying – Simultaneously search for and pinpoint Genny, Power and Radio signals.
    • Genny signal locate
    • Power signal locate – Detects the electromagnetic fields generated by loaded power cables.

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