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  • IRWIN Tube Benders

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    IRWIN T210 - Mini Tube Bender 3;4 and 6mm
      IRWIN - Mini Tube Bender 3;4 and 6mm Model # T210

    • For small bore tubing.
    • Lightweight yet strong precision die-casting.
    • Integral former’s and guides.
    IRWIN T676810 / 211 - Tube Bender 6; 8 and10mm
      IRWIN - Tube Bender 6; 8 and10mm Model # T676810 / 211

    • Integral former’s and guides
    • Able to produce bends of 180°
    • Made from lightweight and strong precision die-casting
    IRWIN T591057 / 218M - Tube Bender 15 and 22mm
      IRWIN - Tube Bender 15 and 22mm Model # T591057 / 218M

    • IRWIN Hilmor GLM compact bender with precision high pressure aluminium die cast formers and guides to produce sets; offsets; multiple bends etc in tubes of a maximum diameter of 22 mm.
    • It is particularly suitable for installation of small heating systems etc. and is supplied complete with 15 mm and 22 mm former’s and guides.

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