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  • GROZ Riveters

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    GROZ RT/5 - Heavy Duty Plier Hand Riveter 2.4-4.8MM
      GROZ - Heavy Duty Plier Hand Riveter 2.4-4.8MM Model # RT/5

    • Ergonomically designed handle gives you comfortable grip
    • The cutting edges are sharp and precision machined to appropriate angle to cut thick and thin wires neatly and with ease
    • Ideal for personal use or outdoor activities
    GROZ LT/FH-44 - Heavy Duty Lazy Tong Hand Riveter
      GROZ - Heavy Duty Lazy Tong Hand Riveter Model # LT/FH-44

    • Heavy duty industrial hand riveter best suited for continuous and repetitive usage especially in automotive, construction and agricultural application.
    • Attractive and safe lead free powder coated finish
    • Includes 3 nose pieces and a spanner
    GROZ RT/FH-10 - Jaw Hand Riveter
      GROZ - Jaw Hand Riveter Model # RT/FH-10

    • Ergonomically shaped for easy accessibility
    • Made of top-class material for enhanced durability
    • Ideal for household and mechanical purposes
    GROZ RT/FH-20 - Nut Riveter Kit
      GROZ - Nut Riveter Kit Model # RT/FH-20

    • Designed for riveting threaded inserts for use as nuts
    • All parts that come in contact with the rivet are heat treated for increased wear resistance
    • Ergonomically designed handle to suit all hand sizes.

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