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  • GROZ Chisels and Punches

    Shop our selection of GROZ from our retail outlets across dubai & UAE


    GROZ CRP/250-16 - Concrete Point Chisel 10in X 5/8in
    GROZ CRP/300-19 - Concrete Point Chisel 12in X 3/4in
    GROZ CHS/ST/6/1-2 - Cold Flat Chisel 6in X 1/2in Blade
    GROZ CHS/ST/8/3-4 - Cold Flat Chisel 8in X 3/4in Blade
    GROZ CHS/ST/10/3-4 - Cold Flat Chisel 10in X 3/4in Blade
    GROZ CHS/ST/12/3-4 - Cold Flat Chisel 12in X 3/4in Blade
    GROZ CHS/ST/12/0-1 - Cold Flat Chisel 12in X 1in Blade
    GROZ CHS/ST/10/3-4/GRP - Cold Flat Chisel W/Grip  10in X 3/4in
    GROZ CHS/ST/12/0-1/GRP - Cold Flat Chisel W/Grip  12in X 1in
    GROZ CHS/ST/18/3-4/GRP - Cold Flat Chisel W/Grip 18in X 3/4in
    GROZ CHS/ST/6/ST - Cold Flat Chisel Set 6-Pc
    GROZ CP/5-32 - Centre Punch Round Head 4mm X 100mm
    GROZ CP/1-4 - Centre Punch Round Head 6mm X 125mm
    GROZ CP/5/ST - Centre Punch Set 5pcs; 1/6in to 5/32in
    GROZ CP/HD/ST-5 - H. Duty Centre Punch Set  5-Pcs;  5/64in to 3/8in
    GROZ ACP/1/B - Automatic Centre Punch 1/2in
    GROZ KIT/14/ST - Punch & Chisel Kit 14pcs
    GROZ KIT/24/ST - Punch & Chisel Kit 24pcs
    GROZ KIT/26/ST - Punch & Chisel Set 26pc
    GROZ HPL/10-ST - Hollow Punch Set 10-Pc
    GROZ HPL/14-ST - Hollow Punch Set 14-Pc
    GROZ PPR/6/ST - Pin Punch Set 6-Pc
    GROZ PP/HD/6/ST - H. Duty Pin Punch Set 6-Pc
    GROZ LP/10 - Letter Punch  3/8in / 10mm
    GROZ LP/12 - Letter Punch 1/2in / 12mm
    GROZ LP/5 - Letter Punch 3/16in / 5mm
    GROZ LP/6 - Letter Punch 1/4in / 6mm
    GROZ LP/8 - Letter Punch 5/16in / 8mm
    GROZ NP/10 - Number Punch 3/8in / 10mm
    GROZ NP/12 - Number Punch 1/2in / 12mm
    GROZ NP/5 - Number Punch 3/16in / 5mm
    GROZ NP/6 - Number Punch 1/4in / 6mm
    GROZ NP/8 - Number Punch 5/16in /  8mm

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