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  • FLUKE Calibration Tools Accessories

    Established in 1948, Fluke Corporation is a global leading manufacturer of industrial testing equipment including electronic test equipment. The Fluke brand is distinguished by its innovation, precision, portability, ridgid standards of quality, ease of use and safety incorporated in each of its tool.

    Fluke prides on its growing portfolio which includes hand held Digital multimeters, Power Quality Tools, ScopeMeterElectrical testers, Indoor Air Quality, Process and Calibration Tools, Thermal Imaging cameras and temperature measurement equipment. With its broad presence in Dubai. Fluke has empowered the manufacturing and service industries with critical testing and troubleshooting capabilities. Get your trusted Fluke tools and accessories from the authorized distributor in the UAE at AABTools!


    FLUKE 700-IV - Current Shunt
      FLUKE - Current Shunt Model # 700-IV

    • 4 – 20 mA current shunt
    • Very accurate to use for verification and calibration of current shunt process control circuits
    • Can be used with precision voltmeters for calibration purposes
    FLUKE 700HTH-1 - Hydraulic Test Hose
      FLUKE - Hydraulic Test Hose Model # 700HTH-1

    • 10;000 psi; 690 bar working pressure test hose that features stainless steel and nylon construction.
    • Hose and fittings connect directly to the Fluke 700HTP-1 test pressure port
    • Includes plugs and caps to eliminate fluid loss in hose; eliminates the need to re-prime the hose
    FLUKE 700HTP-2 - Hydraulic Test Pump; 690 bar
      FLUKE - Hydraulic Test Pump; 690 bar Model # 700HTP-2

    • Hand operated hydraulic pressure pump designed to generate calibration pressures up to 10;000 psi/690 bar.
    • Designed for use with Fluke-700 series high pressure modules
    • Variable size stroke adjustment; allows the user to vary the volume and pressure per stroke
    FLUKE 700ILF - In-Line Filter
      FLUKE - In-Line Filter Model # 700ILF

    • Can be used to isolate the calibrator from the incidental contract with fluids.
    • Particularly useful with the 718 calibrator to help keep moisture or oils from contaminating the on-board pump.
    • The Fluke 700ILF In-line Filter is specifically designed to trap fine particles from atmospheric air; compressed air; and instrument air.
    FLUKE 700LTP-1 - Low Pressure Test Pump
      FLUKE - Low Pressure Test Pump Model # 700LTP-1

    • Hand operated pressure pump designed to generate either vacuum to -13 psi / -.90 bar or pressures to 100 psi / 6.9 bar.
    • It has two pressure ports with quick fit connectors
    • Pump can be easily cleaned without disassembly
    FLUKE 700PMP - Pressure Pump (10 bar)
      FLUKE - Pressure Pump (10 bar) Model # 700PMP

    • The Fluke 700 PMP pressure pump is a hand-operated pump that provides pressures up to 150 psi/1000 kPa.
    • The Fluke 700 PMP has a 1/8″ FNPT output fitting and a linear stroke of 4 cm.
    • The pump incorporates a needle valve for venting and a volume adjust vernier for precision pressure adjustment.
    FLUKE 700PRV-1 - Pressure Relief Valve for 700HTP
      FLUKE - Pressure Relief Valve for 700HTP Model # 700PRV-1

    • Adjustable from 725 to 5800 PSI (50 to 200 bar)
    • Preset at 2;900 psi/200 bar
    • Repeatability to 10% of nominal setting
    FLUKE 700PTP-1 - Pneumatic Test Pump
      FLUKE - Pneumatic Test Pump Model # 700PTP-1

    • Pneumatic test pump is capable of supplying pressures up to 600 psi; 40 bar.
    • Pump can be easily cleaned without disassembly
    • The vernier can be used as a stand-alone low pressure calibration source
    FLUKE 700SC - Serial Interface Cable (Fluke 725/725Ex/726)
      FLUKE - Serial Interface Cable (Fluke 725/725Ex/726) Model # 700SC

    • Plugs into pressure module connector of process calibrators
    • Terminates in DB-9 connector, which plugs directly into PC serial port
    • Computer cable connects meters to printers
    FLUKE 700TC1 - Thermocouple Plug Kits (10 types)
      FLUKE - Thermocouple Plug Kits (10 types) Model # 700TC1

    • Thermoplastic plug bodies
    • Contacts of appropriate thermocouple metallurgy
    • Terminates user-supplied thermocouple wire to permit connection to main units
    FLUKE 700TC2 - Thermocouple Plug Kits (5 types)
      FLUKE - Thermocouple Plug Kits (5 types) Model # 700TC2

    • A kit of 7 mini-plug connectors:
    • Type E (purple);Type J (black);Type K (yellow);Type T (blue); & Type R/S (green)
    FLUKE 700TLK - Process Test Lead Kit; For 753/754 Multi-Function Process Calibrator
      FLUKE - Process Test Lead Kit; For 753/754 Multi-Function Process Calibrator Model # 700TLK

    • Process test lead kit
    • For 753/754 multi-function process calibrator
    FLUKE 709H-TRACK - Logging software with cable
      FLUKE - Logging software with cable Model # 709H-TRACK

    • Large backlit display
    • Digital selection knob with selectable decade control for easy data entry
    • Interactive menus
    FLUKE 71x - Hose kit
      FLUKE - Hose kit Model # 71x

    • The Fluke-71X is compatible with calibrators of 100psi and below in the Fluke 717, 718 and 719 series.
    • The hoses are transparent to allow the user to easily identify if there is oil.
    • Each kit contains 3 translucent hoses each 1m long, easy-to-connect push fit connectors (for connection to calibrator and DUT).
    FLUKE 71X-TRAP - Liquid Dirt, Generic
    FLUKE 720RTD - RTD Probe for 721, 721Ex and 719PRO
    FLUKE 750SW - DPC/TRACK2-software
    FLUKE BC7217 - Battery Charger
      FLUKE - Battery Charger Model # BC7217

    • Power supply: 3.9″ x 2.6″ x 1.6″ (100 mm x 66 mm x 41 mm; 72″ (1.8m) cord
    • Charger base: 4.6″ x 4.1″ x 2.7″ (116 mm x 104 mm x 58 mm)
    • Weight: 1.7 lb/0.78 kg
    FLUKE BC7240 - Battery Charger (753/754)
      FLUKE - Battery Charger (753/754) Model # BC7240

    • Battery Charger/Eliminator
    • Use for the Fluke 75x Documenting Process Calibrator
    FLUKE BP7235 - NiMH Battery Pack
      FLUKE - NiMH Battery Pack Model # BP7235

    • The Fluke rechargeable NiMH battery pack has a voltage rating of 7.2V and current rating of 3.5A.
    • The material used for this pack six 1.2VDC Ni-MH cells in custom-moulded ABS/PC-blend case.
    • It provides typical 16-hours battery life when used in 700 or 740 calibrator.
    FLUKE BP7240 - 753/754 Spare Battery
      FLUKE - 753/754 Spare Battery Model # BP7240

    • Li-Ion Battery Pack
    • For use with the Fluke 753, and 754 Process Calibrators
    FLUKE C700 - Hard Case (700 S)
      FLUKE - Hard Case (700 S) Model # C700

    • Cutouts to hold one documenting process calibrator; one Fluke Pressure Module; one BC7210 Battery Charger; one spare BP7217 Battery Pack; and test leads
    • Exterior Material : Blow-molded charcoal gray polyethylene with textured surface
    • Interior Material: Black; die-cut polyurethane foam
    FLUKE FVF-Basic - FlukeView Forms Basic+IR Cable (189;287;289;789;1550B)
      FLUKE - FlukeView Forms Basic+IR Cable (189;287;289;789;1550B) Model # FVF-Basic

    • With FlukeView Forms documenting software, the logging capabilities of handheld test equipment can be used to solve tough problems.
    • You can download the readings from meters into FlukeView
    • Forms to spot trends and document measurement data.
    FLUKE FVF-SC2 - FlukeView Forms Software+IR Cable(180S;1653;789;1550B)
      FLUKE - FlukeView Forms Software+IR Cable(180S;1653;789;1550B) Model # FVF-SC2

    • With FlukeView Forms documenting software, the logging capabilities of handheld test equipment can be used to solve tough problems.
    • You can download the readings from meters into FlukeView Forms to spot trends and document measurement data.
    • You can instantly review and compare data from up to 6 different meters on the same document – providing analysis capabilities that a meter alone can’t provide.
    FLUKE IR189USB - IR Cable – USB (280/180 S; 1653; 789; 1550B)
      FLUKE - IR Cable – USB (280/180 S; 1653; 789; 1550B) Model # IR189USB

    • The Fluke IR189USB USB Cable adapter is for use with Fluke 18X and 28X series digital multimeters.
    FLUKE 787CAL 230 - Calibration Module (Fluke 787)
      FLUKE - Calibration Module (Fluke 787) Model # 787CAL 230

    • The Fluke 787CAL module permits users and service facilities to perform automated MET/CAL verification and calibrations of the Fluke 787 Process Meter.
    • An installation of MET/CAL Calibration Software plus appropriate calibration hardware must be provided by the user.
    FLUKE BE9005 240 - Battery Eliminator
      FLUKE - Battery Eliminator Model # BE9005 240

    • 7.5V DC battery eliminator compatible with the Fluke 741B Documenting Process Calibrator.
    FLUKE HART DRYWELL CABLE - Cable Kit; Hart Drywellcontrol
      FLUKE - Cable Kit; Hart Drywellcontrol Model # HART DRYWELL CABLE

    • 6102, 7102, and 7103 Micro-Bath Thermometer Calibrators
    • 9009 Industrial Dual-Block Thermometer Calibrator
    • 9100 Ohm and 9102S Handheld Dry-Wells

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