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  • EXTECH EMF Meters

    Constant innovation, unique features and affordibility defines Extech testing and measuring instruments. With interest in 15 major product categories, we carry a large range of multimeters, clamp meters, indoor air quality , environmental meters for sounds, temperatue, humudity, airflow, water quality etc. Find the right Extech instrument to suit your testing and diagnostic applications including Maintenance, Environmental, HVACR, Electrical and Construction.


    EXTECH 480826 - Triple Axis EMF Tester
      EXTECH - Triple Axis EMF Tester Model # 480826

    • Three axis (X, Y, Z) electromagnetic field measurement
    • Quick and accurate measurements
    • Flexible remote sensor
    EXTECH 480836 - RF EMF Strength Meter
      EXTECH - RF EMF Strength Meter Model # 480836

    • Non-directional (isotropic) measurement with 3-channel (triaxial) measurement probe
    • Manual store and recall up to 99 sets
    • Maximum, hold, and average functions
    EXTECH SDL900 - AC/DC Magnetic Meter/Datalogger
      EXTECH - AC/DC Magnetic Meter/Datalogger Model # SDL900

    • Milli Tesla and Gauss measurement modes
    • Datalogging with date/time stamping
    • Uniaxial sensor

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