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    UNI-T UT391+ Laser Distance Meter 60M

    # UT391+

    Measure the distance; area and volume; and can also utilize the indirect measurement of Pythagorean theorem.

    • UNI-T
    • UT391+


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    • High accuracy and wide measuring range.
    • Quick measurement of distance; area and volume with one button operation.
    • Indirect measurement by Pythagorean theorem.
    • Min/Max distance tracking (display value).
    • Easy addition/subtraction of measurement.
    • Set up front/rear benchmark.
    • Switchable among meter (m); inch (in); feet (ft).
    • Easy targeting with bright laser pointer.
    • Large LCD with backlight.
    • 30 data records and recall function.
    • Bubble level equipped as a spirit level tool.
    • Battery status indication.
    • Automatic/manual power off function.
    • Compact and handheld design; portable and convenient.

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