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    Klauke PK45 PK 45 hydraulic crimping head 120-1,000mm^2

    # PK45

    • Very large crimping range to 1,000 mm²
    • Good sturdy construction for safe operations
    • For connecting to hydraulic pumps with 700 bar operating pressure for optimum crimping results
    • Klauke
    • PK45


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    • Head with quick coupling, 360° rotation when not pressurised
    Suitable for

    • 45-series interchangeable crimping dies, wide crimping
    Crimping force 450 kN
    Crimping range 120 – 1000 mm²
    Operating pressure max. 700 bar
    Weight 10.3 kg
    Height 265 mm


    Suitable for Connection material Crimping range mm² Crimp profile
    Copper compression cable lugs and connectors acc. to DIN
    Copper compression cable lugs (DIN 46235) and connectors (DIN 46267, part 1) acc. to DIN vm08presskabelschuheundverbindernachdin-pic.eps 120 – 1000 pf01sechskantpressung-pic.eps Crimping dies HD 45
    Aluminium compression cable lugs and connectors acc. to DIN
    Aluminium compression cable lugs and connectors acc. to DIN vm12presskabelschuheundverbinderal-pic.eps 150 – 500 pf01sechskantpressung-pic.eps Crimping dies HA 45
    Compression joints for full tension connections of Aldrey cables acc. to DIN EN 50182, Al conductors DIN EN 50182, 150 – 300 mm² vm13presskabelschuheundverbinderfueraldreyseile-pic.eps 150 – 300 pf01sechskantpressung-pic.eps Crimping dies HAD 45
    Aluminium/copper compression cable lugs and connectors
    Aluminium side: crimping dies HA45, copper side: crimping dies HD45 vm15presskabelschuheundverbinderalcu-pic.eps 150 – 500 pf01sechskantpressung-pic.eps Crimping dies HA45 and crimping dies HD45

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