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    HUSQVARNA 587905901 Segmented Marble & Granite Diamond Blade, 400 x 25.4 mm, VARI-CUT S35 Turbo 400, Silver

    # 587905901

    • High-quality finishing of the cut
    • High speed in hard materials
    • High speed in universal construction materials
    • Ideal for concrete and hard materials
    • Turbo jointed segments combine a high cutting speed with a high-quality finishing of cut, even in the hardest stone and concrete.
    • The composition of the blade is designed for high speed in hard materials.
    • The composition of the blade is designed for high speed in universal construction materials.
    • Developed for fast cutting in universal construction materials, with a focus on hard materials like granite and hard concrete.
    • Ideal for hard stone, concrete, and iron. Developed for fast cutting in hard stone, concrete, and iron.
    • Thanks to segment shape and composition, you get easier and more free cutting blades, which results in minimal vibration levels and better cutting comfort.
    • The design of the segment provides a reduced contact surface in the concrete. This gives a quick start in a controlled manner when applying a new blade.
    • Fits To — K 970, K 40, TS 100 R, TS 300 E, TS 350 E, TS 400 F, K 6500, K 770, K 770 VAC, K 770 Dry Cut, K 1270, K 970 SmartGuard, K 770 SmartGuard, K 1270 SmartGuard
    • Diameter: 400 mm
    • Blade Configuration: Segmented
    • Segment Height: 10 mm
    • Segment Length: 40 mm
    • Segment Width: 3.2 mm
    • Number of Segments: 28
    • Arbor Size: 25.4 mm
    • Type: Wet/dry

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