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  • FLUKE 820-2 LED Stroboscope

    Model # 820-2

    • Ergonomic; compact; easy to use LED Stroboscope.
    • Designed for diagnostic applications allowing clear observation of machinery in motion
    • High-intensity 7-LED array Ð 4;800 Lux @ 6;000 FPM/30cm
    • FLUKE
    • 820-2
    • Stroboscope
    • 30 ¡C; 95 % RH; 5 day
    • FPM or Hz


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    • High-intensity 7-LED array Ð 4;800 Lux @ 6;000 FPM/30cm
    • High efficiency LED solid-state light source with uniform flash characteristics allows for higher flash rates Ð 30-300;000 FPM (flashes per minute)
    • Digital pulse width modulation for exceptionally sharp images at high speeds
    • Rugged; durable design utilizes solid-state LEDs with no filaments; gases; hollow cavities; or glass Ð (1 meter drop)
    • Quartz-accuracy control system provides high accuracy Ð 0.02% (+/- 1 digit)
    • Multi-line LCD display
    • Check the rotating speed of machinery without physical contact or need for reflective tape
    • Advance or retard flash timing for viewing gear teeth; cutting surfaces; repeats; or drifting equipment
    • Simple push button operation with 2x and Ö2 buttons for easy adjustment
    • Protective case
    • External trigger connector

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