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  • Cleaning is a necessary job for professionals, irrespective of the industry one belongs to. While every industry has their unique cleaning needs, there is often little time to carry out the task. Acquiring an optimal cleaning solution is an important economic and environmental factor for businesses across the board, which is why we at AABTools, we supply professional cleaning equipment and accessories that are designed to meet our customer’s unique needs.



    • Better air quality
    • Reduce spread of diseases providing a safer, cleaner working environment
    • Long-term cost savings
    • Easy to operate


    Who uses professional cleaning equipment?

    • Cleaning professionals


    Where is professional cleaning equipment used?

    • Across every business where thorough cleaning is required


    How to safely use professional cleaning equipment?

    • Ensure you use the right equipment for the right surface
    • Inspect the equipment before use. If a fault is identified, remove the equipment from service.
    • Perform regular maintenance on the equipment
    • When finished, store the equipment in an appropriate location



    AABTools is the leading supplier for Karcher professional cleaning solutions. Find the complete range of cleaning equipment like Karcher steam cleaners, pressure washers, hardfloor cleaners, submersible pumps, vacuum & carpet cleaners, floor scrubber & scrubber driers, and generator and waste pumps at our stores across the UAE in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.