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  • EXPERT E200901 - Vacuum Brake Bleeder
      EXPERT - Vacuum Brake Bleeder Model # E200901

    • Vacuum bleeder operating by Venturi principle.
    • Operating pressure 6-10 bars.
    • Can be used on LV; motorcycle.
    EXPERT E200905 - Flaring Tool Set + Case
      EXPERT - Flaring Tool Set + Case Model # E200905

    • To work on pipes ? 4.75 mm & 3/16″.
    • DIN or SAE standard (copper alloy tube).
    • Designed to form flanges without the need to remove the pipe from the vehicle.
    EXPERT E200910 - Brake Fluid Tester
      EXPERT - Brake Fluid Tester Model # E200910

    • Allows the user to quickly check the percentage of humidity in the brake fluid.
    • Results indicated on the product by LEDs.
    EXPERT E200902 - Reservoir Filling Bottle
      EXPERT - Reservoir Filling Bottle Model # E200902

    • Allows automatic filling.
    • Adapts to all diameters of brake fluid reservoir.
    • Capacity 1 L.
    EXPERT E200904 - Brake Caliper Win Back Set
      EXPERT - Brake Caliper Win Back Set Model # E200904

    • Pushes back pistons (left or right turning).
    • Supplied with 19 adapters for all makes (application list in the instructions).
    • Supplied in a plastic case with instructions.
    EXPERT E200906 - Brake Line 10x11mm Flare Nut Spanner
      EXPERT - Brake Line 10x11mm Flare Nut Spanner Model # E200906

    • Wide spanner handle enables the user to apply high power comfortably without hurting the hand.
    • Handle is dimpled to aid grip with oily hands.
    • Polished Chrome Vanadium Alloy for superior strength and durability.
    EXPERT E200907 - Syringe for Vehicle Fluid Change (Brake+anti freeze)
      EXPERT - Syringe for Vehicle Fluid Change (Brake+anti freeze) Model # E200907

    • For extracting and injecting fluids during vehicle maintenance.
    • Transparent body.
    • Ideal for brake fluid and coolant.
    EXPERT E200911 - Brush for Brake
      EXPERT - Brush for Brake Model # E200911

    • To clean callipers
    • Removes the dust and dirt from brake callipers
    • Length: 220 mm.

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