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  • Rubi 70925 - Shape Template Max depth: 4.5cm
      Rubi - Shape Template Max depth: 4.5cm Model # 70925

    • The RUBI shape template is probably one of the most sought tools by professionals, not only by ceramic tile fixers, but people from other branches within the construction industry.
    • With the RUBI shape template, the user can easily copy forms in difficult to mark areas and transpose these markings to ceramic tiles for subsequent cutting.
    • To copy a shape, you only have to press the template against the element that will serve as a frame and without any further adjustment you will have the exact shape on your shape template.
    Rubi 72953 - Hole Marker XL Max length: 65mm
      Rubi - Hole Marker XL Max length: 65mm Model # 72953

    • This simple tool copies and transposes, quickly, easily and accurately, the position of holes for pipes, water or light fittings, electrical boxes or any other element that professional tilers come across during tile fixing, from the wall to the ceramics, for its subsequent cutting or drilling.
    • For marking the position of holes for tubing and electrical fitting, from the wall to the tile, for subsequent cutting or drilling.
    • Length: 17” (45 cm).

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