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    Shop our selection of Extractor Sets from our retail outlets across dubai & UAE - AABTools


    IRWIN 10504634 - Bolt Grip Fastener Remover 5Pcs
    RIDGID 35585 - Screw Extractor Set 1/4-1/2in
      RIDGID - Screw Extractor Set 1/4-1/2in Catalog # 35585

    • This set contains 20 precision tools ?? one each of Extractor Models 1 to 5 inclusive with turnuts; drill Models 1 to 5 inclusive and drill guides Models 921 to 1821 inclusive.
    • Pre-formed plastic box provides convenient storage.
    RIDGID 35590 - Screw And Pipe Extractor Set 1/8-1in
      RIDGID - Screw And Pipe Extractor Set 1/8-1in Catalog # 35590

    • Contains one each of screw extractors Models 1 to 8 inclusive (Models 1 to 5 Extractors with turnuts); Drill Models 1 to 8 inclusive; and one Model 36; and complete set of drill guides and bushings.
    • Maximum depth extractor range 1" to 3".
    • Pipe extractors Models 80 to 85 also included.
    TEKIRO S-EX06S - Screw Extractor Set 6 Pcs

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