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  • Electrician Knives and Scissors

    Shop our selection of Electrician Knives and Scissors from our retail outlets across Dubai & UAE - AABTools


    EXPERT E117762 - Electricians Knife + Wire Stripper
      EXPERT - Electricians Knife + Wire Stripper Model # E117762

    • Blade with 2 notches for stripping and cutting.
    • Stainless steel blade.
    • Wood handle.
    EXPERT E117763 - Single-Blade Electricians Knife
      EXPERT - Single-Blade Electricians Knife Model # E117763

    • Stainless steel billhook blade 60 mm.
    • Wood handle.
    • Sharpened knife.
    EXPERT E117764 - Electricians Scissors PVC Handle
      EXPERT - Electricians Scissors PVC Handle Model # E117764

    • Reinforced short blade with wire cutter.
    • Material: carbon steel.
    • Polished chrome finish.
    EXPERT E117767 - Dual-Blade Electricians Knife
      EXPERT - Dual-Blade Electricians Knife Model # E117767

    • Stainless steel billhook blade 60 mm.
    • Stainless steel straight blade 80 mm.
    • Wood handle.

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