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    EXPERT E050103 - Cable Strippers 25mm-dia capacity
      EXPERT - Cable Strippers 25mm-dia capacity Model # E050103

    • Swivel blade for circular and longitudinal cutting.
    • Plastic grip.
    • Supplied with a spare blade in the grip.
    EXPERT E050105 - Automatic Stripping pliers 7-8mm
      EXPERT - Automatic Stripping pliers 7-8mm Model # E050105

    • Crimping pre-insulated terminals: 0.5 to 6 mm?.
    • Crimping for bare terminals: 0.5 to 2.5 mm? and 4 to 6 mm?.
    • Adjusts automatically for cables from 0.2 to 6 mm.
    EXPERT E050106 - Wire Stripper 170mm
      EXPERT - Wire Stripper 170mm Model # E050106

    • Perfect to strip multiple and single strand wires from 0.75 to 6 mm?
    • Ergonomic handle for higher comfort
    EXPERT E050301 - Crimping Plier 0.4-6mm2
      EXPERT - Crimping Plier 0.4-6mm2 Model # E050301

    • For insulated crimps 0;4 to 6mm?.
    • For terminals with PVC; PC and polyamide insulators.
    • Double crimping to crimp the contact and insulator in a single operation.
    EXPERT E050302 - Non Insulated Crimping Plier
      EXPERT - Non Insulated Crimping Plier Model # E050302

    • Three impression die from 0.5 to 6 mm?.
    • For non insulated terminals.
    • Bi-material handle.
    EXPERT E117903 - Stripping Plier 1.5-6mm2
      EXPERT - Stripping Plier 1.5-6mm2 Model # E117903

    • Crimping pre-insulated plugs 1.5 2.5 6mm? max and tubular lugs from 1.5 to 6 mm? max.
    • Strips wires from 0.75 to 6 mm? max.
    IRWIN 10505518 - Cable Cutting Plier 8-inch
      IRWIN - Cable Cutting Plier 8-inch Model # 10505518

    • IRWIN Vise-Grip copper and aluminum cable cutter with an induction hardened cutting face and made from chromium-nickel steel for improved durability on the gripping and cutting face.
    • Molded one component handle.
    • Can cut up to 5.0 mm diameter thickness cables.
    EXPERT E189874 - Cable Cutter 220mm
      EXPERT - Cable Cutter 220mm Model # E189874

    • ISO 5749
    • Cutting capacity: copper wires 12 mm max diameter.
    • Bimaterial sheath.
    Klauke K433 - Wire stripper with stepless stripping Range from 0.03 – 16 mm²
      Klauke - Wire stripper with stepless stripping Range from 0.03 – 16 mm² Model # K433

    • First wire stripper with stepless stripping range 0.03 – 16 mm²
    • Ideal for damage-free stripping of solid and fine stranded conductors with PVC

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