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  • Electricians Tools

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    Electricians use insulated hand tools to help protect them from electrical accidents such as electric shocks, as well as reduces the likelihood of short circuits induced from arc faults. Insulated tools are very important when working on a live circuit as it offers greater protection in situations where a technician may not be able to disconnect the circuit.


    The key difference between a regular hand tool and an insulated hand tool is that a regular hand tool will simply have a rubber coating over plastic handles, that’s an insulated tool that is more complex than that. High quality insulated hand tools are manufactured using a special combination of materials that protects the user and blocks potentially hazardous voltages.



    • Provides an extra measure of protection against unpredictable and hazardous situations
    • Ergonomically designed
    • Helps prevent serious or fatal injuries


    Who uses Electricians Tools?

    • Electricians
    • Utility workers
    • Maintenance technicians
    • HVAC technicians


    Where are Electricians Tools used?

    • Any electrical work carried out on hot or live circuits


    How to safely use Electricians Tools?

    • Keep tools dry and clean
    • Inspect insulation before each use
    • If you are unsure of the integrity of the insulation, remove the tool from your operations, or have it retested
    • Make sure a qualified person inspects and recertifies tools annually to ensure the tool is safe to use
    • Follow the manufacturer’s recommended temperature for use
    • Use other PPE when necessary


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