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  • Rubi Scrapers

    The company Germans Boada, S.A.,RUBI was created in 1951 with the invention by the Boada brothers of a tile cutter for hydraulic mosaic. This new tool, christened with the name of RUBI, served as a stepping stone for developing a strong company that currently designs, manufactures and distributes equipment and tools for cutting and laying tiles.

    Its international vocation, very present since its creation, makes Germans Boada S.A. a now global company with a presence in over 120 countries and an extensive network of branch and participated companies worldwide.


    Rubi 66941 - 3 speed Grout Out Machine 230V, Rubiscraper-250
      Rubi - 3 speed Grout Out Machine 230V, Rubiscraper-250 Model # 66941

    • Ergonomic design and bi-material finishing, for greater comfort and better stability.
    • Light and resistant. Maximum reliability.
    • Blades made in tungsten carbide.
    Rubi 65907 - Joint Scraper
      Rubi - Joint Scraper Model # 65907

    • Traditional grout scraper with an ergonomic handle
    • Two platelets of electro-deposited tungsten carbide
    • Combinable with 1, 2 or 3 plates
    Rubi 71974 - Spare Joint Scraper
      Rubi - Spare Joint Scraper Model # 71974

    • Rubi replacement blades (ref: 71974)
    • for Rubi Joint Scraper Ref 65907
    • Each pack contains 2 spare blades
    Rubi 66810 - Rubiscraper Blade for Grouts 1.5MM
      Rubi - Rubiscraper Blade for Grouts 1.5MM Model # 66810

    • Blade reafilable and easily interchangeable.
    • For the cleaning of the mortar joint of 1.5┬ámm.
    • Available in several sizes to fit various widths of existing board.
    Rubi 66811 - Rubiscraper Blade for Grouts 2MM
      Rubi - Rubiscraper Blade for Grouts 2MM Model # 66811

    • Re-sharpening and easily interchangeable blade.
    • For cleaning mortar joints in 0.079 in
    • Available in various sizes to accommodate various existing board widths.
    Rubi 66812 - Rubiscraper Blade for Grouts 3MM
    Rubi 60971 - Vulkolan Grout Spatula 20 in (50 cm)
      Rubi - Vulkolan Grout Spatula 20 in (50 cm) Model # 60971

    • To fill the joints between tiles.
    • Specially for cement based grout mortars.

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