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  • RIDGID Hand Threader Pipe Dies

    With close to 100 years of experience, the RIDGID brand is known world over to produce tools with high standards of quality, reliability and durability. Millions of professionals use their RIDGID tools at work everyday on construction sites, oil rigs, plants and other demanding environments. Find everything from plumbing tools, pipe fabrication, roll grooving, drain cleaning, drain diagnostics, pipe and tube cutting / joining, utility locating, electrical tools and more. For decades, RIDGID has been working closely with customers across the United Arab Emirates, building products that exceeds expectations and offering innovative solutions. Build on your productivity with Ridgid products from AABTools Dubai.


    RIDGID 37825 - Pipe Die Set Npt – 1/2Inch
    RIDGID 37830 - Pipe Die Set Npt – 3/4inch
    RIDGID 37835 - Pipe Die Set Npt – 1inch
    RIDGID 37840 - Pipe Die Set Npt – 1-1/4inch
    RIDGID 37845 - Pipe Die Set Npt -1-1/2inch
    RIDGID 37850 - Pipe Die Set Npt – 2inch
    RIDGID 37870 - Pipe Die Set HSS Npt – 2inch
    RIDGID 37875 - Pipe Die Set HSS Npt – 3/4inch
    RIDGID 37880 - Pipe Die Set HSS Npt – 1inch
    RIDGID 37895 - Pipe Die Set HSS Npt – 2inch
    RIDGID 37910 - Pipe Die Set SS Npt – 3/8inch
    RIDGID 37915 - Pipe Die Set SS Npt – 1/2inch
    RIDGID 37920 - Pipe Die Set SS Npt – 3/4inch
    RIDGID 37925 - Pipe Die Set SS Npt – 1inch
    RIDGID 37930 - Pipe Die Set SS Npt – 1-1/4inch
    RIDGID 37935 - Pipe Die Set SS Npt – 1-1/2Inch
    RIDGID 37940 - Pipe Die Set SS Npt – 2inch
    RIDGID 45863 - Pipe Die Set Bspt – 1/2inch
    RIDGID 45868 - Pipe Die Set Bspt – 3/4inch
    RIDGID 45873 - Pipe Die Set Bspt – 1inch
    RIDGID 45878 - Pipe Die Set Bspt – 1-1/4inch
    RIDGID 45883 - Pipe Die Set Bspt – 1-1/2inch
    RIDGID 45888 - Pipe Die Set Bspt – 2inch

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