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    PCE Instruments ACT 10 - Automotive Voltage Tester 0 – 65V
      PCE Instruments - Automotive Voltage Tester 0 – 65V Model # ACT 10

    • The automotive voltage tester PCE-ACT 10 is a versatile measuring device in the automotive sector. Possible measuring functions are voltage measurement, resistance measurement and diode measurement.
    • In addition to these measurement functions, the automotive voltage tester can also be used as an oscilloscope to analyze a voltage curve more accurately.
    • This automotive voltage tester uses as power supply the voltage applied to the vehicle, which is made possible via the supplied adapter for the cigarette lighter, or directly via the connection to the vehicle battery.
    PCE Instruments BFT 2 - Automotive / Brake Fluid Tester
      PCE Instruments - Automotive / Brake Fluid Tester Model # BFT 2

    • This practical and handy brake fluid tester in pen form should not be missing in any car or hobby workshop. With the brake fluid tester, the water content in the brake fluid can be checked quickly and precisely.
    • The LC display shows exactly the water content in the brake fluid. So it can be recognized exactly when the brake fluid must be changed.
    • An adjustment of the brake fluid tester is also possible. A regular check of the quality of the brake fluid is for your safety.
    PCE Instruments OBD 10 - Vehicle OBD Diagnostic Scanner
      PCE Instruments - Vehicle OBD Diagnostic Scanner Model # OBD 10

    • The car measuring device PCE-OBD 10 is a high-quality OBD reader for many common vehicles. This professional car measuring device is a “standalone” reader and therefore requires no accessories.
    • The car measuring device is connected via the OBD II connection of the vehicle. The applied on-board voltage supply is sufficient for the vehicle measuring device for operation.
    • Thus, no additional power supply for operating the vehicle meter, such as batteries, is needed. In order to keep the vehicle measuring device up to date, updates via the PC are possible.

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